Success of Pop Rock Singer: Kelly Clarkson

Singer Kelly Clarkson won the 1st season of American Idol in 2002.The popular American pop rock singer Kelly Clarkson who hails from Fort Worth, Texas as her birthplace, was born in April 1982.  Her full name is Kelly Brianne Clarkson, and she’s also known to be an actress and songwriter.  Kelly was raised in a small community named Burleson, situated in a suburban area of Fort Worth.

Her older siblings are Jason and Alyssa, and she’s the 3rd and the youngest in the family with her parents Stephen Clarkson and Jeanne Rose who was a 1st grade teacher.  She was catapulted to fame when she won the 1st season of the world-famous TV series titled American Idol in the year 2002.  Later in 2003, she became the representative of the US in the World Idol contest.

Pop rock singer Kelly Clarkson’s vocal abilities and talents have been praised by a lot of celebrities and critics as well.  During an interview with Simon Cowell at Good Morning America, he was asked who among the 6 American Idol winners he believed possessed the best voice.  Without 2nd thoughts, Cowell answered that it was Kelly, doing it “by a mile”.

He further commented that Kelly can be lined-up together with other great icons in music like Celine Dion.  So far, Kelly was able to release 4 albums under RCA Records.  These include her debut album titled Thankful which received a double-platinum in 2003, and her 2nd album named Breakaway which was awarded a multi-platinum in 2004, and has won 2 Grammy Awards.

Commenting on Kelly Clarkson’s Singing Voice

Compared to Mariah Carey’s 5-octave classic voice, Kelly has a friendly, down-to-earth type of voice, but both of them have fierce, compelling voices.

Rolling Stone’s Arion Berger has commented that Kelly’s high notes are dreamy and sweet, her powerful pitch is sexy and nerve-shaking, and she has a mid-range that is overwhelming and attracting the attention of a noisy crowd.  These are exactly the qualities that made Kelly Clarkson enter the world of American Idols.

The producer and songwriter of some of her top music hits named Dr. Luke stated that Kelly has magnificent lungs and vocal cords that are similar to what Lance Armstrong has.  Kelly is being distinguished as possessing the highest number of albums sold in the US ending November, 2009 among the list of American Idols.  During the period of May, 2010, Billboard has declared Kelly Clarkson as “American Idol’s most successful winner” through the years based on sales of album, sales of singles, and ranking in radio music plays.

The other 2 are My December produced in 2007, and the latest The American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson performs on the stage during the show of American Idol.album that she released in 2009 entitled All I Ever Wanted which got a nomination for a Grammy Award.  She was able to achieve sales of more than 10.5 million copies for her albums in the US alone.  Pop rock singer Kelly Clarkson is listed as the only American Idol participant who has reached # 1 in the UK charts.

Her “My Life Would Suck Without You” got number 1 in downloads alone in March 2009.  Kelly also ranked top in Nielsen SoundScan’s 200 album sellers of the era placing at number 187.  Among her singles, 11 were included in the Top 20 hits of Billboard’s Hot 100.  The song entitled My Life Would Suck Without You, rose from number 97 to number 1 in the list of Hot 100 during the 1st week of its release.

Kelly Clarkson won the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album.

This was noted to be a record-breaking performance in the history of music chart records for attaining the biggest leap to the highest spot.  Pop rock singer Kelly Clarkson has already gone in an extensive tour worldwide as a solo performer.  Likewise, she has performed in other editions of American Idol like the Australian Idol, Canadian Idol, Swedish Idol and Pop Idol.  Immediately after the release of her duet version of the song Because of You in 2007 alongside Reba McEntire, and her appearance in CMT Crossroads, they collaborated in the Two Worlds Two Voices Tour way back 2008.

For her album sales, radio plays and single sales, pop rock singer Kelly Clarkson was given the honor of being the best-selling American Idol by Billboard.

Kelly Clarkson on American Idol

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