How to Record Myself Singing With Background Music?

Recording song with music played in the background.

A friend of mine—who doesn’t play any musical instruments—asked me the other day about how he could record his singing with background music or instrumentals. Well, it is a given fact that he is endowed with a good voice, and he wants to upload singing … Read more

Best Vocal Processors for Recording

Singer recording song with vocal processor in the studio.

Even if you have already done acoustic treatment in your recording room and have carefully selected the microphones for your vocal recordings, you would still find your raw vocal recordings not fit for public consumption and mass production. Why? Because you still need to engage … Read more

How to Reduce Background Noise On A Blue Snowball Mic

Setting up a Blue Snowball mic.

When it comes to microphones, one of the respected names that come to mind is the Blue, and one offering of this brand is the Blue Snowball Microphone. The most affordable and quality entry-level microphones (Snowball iCE and Snowball). However, some users found that Blue … Read more

Best Settings for AT2020 USB & XLR Microphones [Pro Guide]

Tips on AT2020 mic setting for better sound quality.

If you’re looking for an affordable microphone of high quality, you better check out the Audio Technica AT2020. The AT2020 is a quality cardioid condenser mic that has quickly become the go-to mic worldwide for home studios. This mic comes either in XLR or USB connection models; hence, it is pretty … Read more

How To Set Up Karaoke At Home

Friends singing karaoke at home.

Whenever there is a karaoke system, enjoyment and fun are not far behind. This is because we love to sing, and we even want other people to hear and appreciate our singing. Setting up your karaoke system at home is no longer that difficult. Moreover, … Read more

Best Autotune Microphone Systems

Female singing in recording studio using the vocal auto-tune processor.

You may be asking yourself why your voice is always out of tune when you sing, and you hate it because you are dreaming of becoming a band vocalist or a professional singer. Besides, you envy those who can sing on key, and given a … Read more

AT2035 Vs AT4040: Which is Better?

AUDIO TECHNICA AT4040 and AT2035 Microphones

Two of the most popular condenser microphones of Audio Technica are the AT2035 and the AT2040. These two microphones are professional-grade microphones that are great choices if you are looking for a condenser microphone that you can use for recording and broadcasting. Both share some … Read more

Best Room Microphones for Live Recording

Mic set up for recording live performance in room.

If the time ever comes when you need to mic a room, you’ll undoubtedly want to know which room mics are the best. You see, while there are several mics available for capturing live recording in a room, not all of them may give you … Read more

Best Microphones for Beatboxing

Singer use beatboxing mic for creating music on loop station.

So, you want to become a beatboxer, but you are a bit confused as to which mic would best showcase your beatboxing skills. Well, there are myriads of microphones that you can use for beatboxing. But if you have the most recommended mics at hand, … Read more

Can I Use Condenser Microphone Without Phantom Power?

Using Condenser mic without phantom power.

Whether you enjoy recording as a hobby or you’re setting out as a professional, you’ll find that a microphone is a crucial piece of equipment. Of course, you’ll also quickly discover that there are numerous types of mics from which you can choose. However, the … Read more

Buffer Size For Recording Vocals

A female singer is recording vocal tracks in the studio.

While buffer size is not the rocket science of audio recording, it can be a technical concept to understand. Most people say that it’s because it is mostly abstract. But, not to worry, with proper insight, you’ll see the applications of buffer size when recording … Read more

Vocal Miking / Micing Techniques

For the past ten years, I have been engaging in many vocal recordings for others and my band, and one obvious truth I’ve learned is that the vocals’ quality is decided during the recording phase. Sans a sound recording, you cannot have good vocals in the … Read more

Record Vocals In Mono or Stereo?

Several weeks ago, while mixing our album tracks, my bandmate asked me about which is best between mono and stereo for recording vocals. I had no straight answer to him at that time and casually dismissed his question. Yet, upon second thought, I think his … Read more

How Much Does A Microphone Cost?

Different types of microphones and its price.

Microphones vary in prices; the price range of a most affordable mic is around $15, and the most expensive perch at around $20,000. Thus,, we can say that a microphone would cost you around $15 to $20,000. Moreover, many factors dictate the microphone price. These … Read more

Do Dynamic Microphones Need Phantom Power?

Dynamic mic with phantom power cable.

A question I get asked a lot by newbie home studio owners is about whether dynamic microphones need phantom power. They are wary that their dynamic microphones might get damaged if their mixing desks do not have a switchable phantom power for each mic channel. … Read more

Best Settings For Blue Yeti Microphone [Pro Guide]

Optimal Blue Yeti configuration,settings and adjustments for better sound quality.

Blue Yeti microphone comes with various settings, and It has four pickup pattern options. My ignorance surely prompted me to research more on microphone settings, and I am sharing what I have learned in this post. Understanding Blue Yeti Microphone Settings Yeti is one of … Read more

How To Set Up Karaoke Using Youtube

Set up and connect karaoke system with Youtube.

Whether you would use it to add that extra oomph to a celebration or you would simply want to while away your time, a karaoke system will always prove to be valuable equipment at hand. Singing through the karaoke system, of course, adds life to … Read more

Best Portable Digital Recorders

Recording voice via digital recorder.

The small handheld digital recorders are suitable to be used in the interviews, meetings, presentation recordings, and to record other conversational voice contents. Furthermore, it’s particularly useful for singers, songwriters and composers to record his/her songs and musical ideas whenever the ideas emerged. Portable digital … Read more

Best Microphones For Screaming Vocals 2022

Singer singing metal song loudly.

You may find it easy to mike someone who sings like a diva or a balladeer. Yet, when it comes to miking screaming vocals, you cannot just use any mic at hand. You need to find the mic that will allow you to capture the … Read more

How to Record Yourself Singing?

Singer recording his own voice in DIY way.

Have you ever tried recording your voice in a real studio? If ever you’ve already tried it, you’ll know that it is expensive. This is because a recording studio for rent is like a taxi equipped with a taximeter. You pay for every second you … Read more

Types of Karaoke Machines

A group of friends were singing karaoke.

There are two types of karaoke machines sold on the market; they are commercial and personal use; they have different features but work the same way. All types of karaoke machines can play the vocals of a music track and show the lyrics on a … Read more

What is a Shotgun Microphone?

Different types and sizes of shotgun mic.

You might have seen one of these unusually long microphones. You might have also wondered why it has a strange shape. Well, this microphone is called “Interference Tube Microphones.” they are also referred to as “shotgun microphones.”  The shotgun microphones are highly directional. You need … Read more

What is a Ribbon Microphone?

Different types and models of ribbon mic.

There was once a time when the most popular mics were the ribbon microphones. The ribbon mic, of course, was the first directional commercial microphone that was successful. During the radio’s golden age, this mic lorded it over other mics. Yet, the ribbon mics during … Read more

What Is A Dynamic Microphone?

Dynamic mic on the table.

The dynamic microphone is commonly used throughout the world. It is often utilized in musicals, stage, and other applications. It is a free-standing microphone. You will often see it used for vocals onstage and musical performances. It is also referred to as the moving coil … Read more

What Is A Cardioid Microphone?

As a singer, I have used countless mics, testing, and comparing them. Yet, I like cardioid mics among the different mics. This is because of its unidirectional polar pattern. But what is a cardioid microphone? Well, a cardioid microphone is like all other microphones because … Read more

Types of Microphones for Singers and Musicians

Different types of microphones that are suitable for singer and musician.

There are tons of microphones sold on the market from various manufacturers to date. Hence why choosing the best receiver to invest in can be quite challenging. However, picking the right microphone shouldn’t be as crucial as it may seem.  Although microphone production increases year … Read more