How to Hold a Microphone When Singing or Rapping

Singer holding mic firmly when singing on stage.

Professional singers and rappers do not just hold a mic according to their whims and fancies. They hold the mic in such a way that it will sound best. The Microphone, of course, is an excellent instrument for amplifying your voice while performing. But the way you hold it may either work in your favor … Read more

Why Does My Singing Sound Like Talking?

Singer paused during singing performance.

One of our readers sent us an email asking an interesting question, “Why My Singing Sounds Like Talking?“. And decided to write an article to specifically answer this question. Marty Rubin once remarked: “You don’t need a reason to sing.” But what if your singing voice sounds like you’re talking: should you be needing a … Read more

Shawn Mendes’s Vocal Range & Voice Type

Shawn Mendes singing in the concert.

Shawn Mendes’ vocal range is from F2 to A5. He is a tenor, and he can sing A5 in his falsetto, which reveals his fully developed head voice. Mendes’ voice range, of course, is difficult to classify because it is still developing. Moreover, he tends to push his voice to amplify it.  He also does … Read more

How to Sing Better as a Female Singer?

Young women singing to improve her singing voice.

Have you ever wondered what you would become as a female singer if you could only push your singing level a notch higher? I guess you have not yet given this a careful thought. But suppose you make that extra effort to enhance your voice, you might end up being the new internet singing sensation. … Read more

Does Singing Change or Improve Your Speaking Voice?

Improve speaking voice with vocal training.

If you would ask me if singing techniques improve or change speaking voice, I would say, It does! Moreover, learning the proper techniques when singing like breath support, good articulation, projection, and speaking from the diaphragm will surely improve your speaking voice.  Demosthenes, for example, was stuttering when he was a kid, but he diligently practiced vocalization every … Read more

Good Songs To Sing Acapella

Group of singers singing accapella songs.

Imagine you are to sing at a wedding, and, suddenly, the sound system fails to work, and you got no choice but to sing a cappella. So, you got fidgety and nervous. Yet, you were able to cruise through such a situation with your audience applauding you afterward. You did it because you trained well … Read more

How To Sing In Key For Beginners

Vocal student learn how to sing in the right tempo and key.

Many people sing to while away their time. Some likewise are gifted with the ability to sing in perfect pitch or key. But not all can sing on key or perfect pitch. Yet, you should not worry if you cannot sing on key for you can also learn this skill. You can develop, for example, … Read more

How To Relax Your Throat When Singing

Singer singing happily in relaxing mode.

Humans have the vocal cords (vocal folds or voice reeds) that consist of folds of tissues located in the throat. These folds of tissues are responsible for creating sounds via vocalization. The vocal folds’ size affects the voice pitch. The health of the vocal cords also affects the voice. Moreover, these folds of tissues are … Read more

How To Sing With Emotion

Singer singing with emotional facial expressions.

Some singers, when they sing, have an elating effect on the emotions of their listeners. This is because they sing from the heart. Their renditions of songs appeal to the feelings of the audience, enabling the audience to connect with them easily. Their audience swoon to their voice, like dazed lovers, enraptured. How do they … Read more

How Rare Is Perfect Pitch?

Singer sing in correct pitch and note.

The absolute pitch has commonly been referred to as “perfect pitch.” It’s not about being able to make a perfect sound or hitting the right note. It is about being able to recognize a pitch on your own. It is about the ability of a person to recreate a musical note without external reference. According … Read more

How To Sing Like Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra album photo with his signature.

Music, either in the primordial era or in the contemporary era, has been blessed with thousands of gifted and talented musicians. One of the most respected musical artists of all time is Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra was an American singer, producer, and actor. He was said to be one of the most influential and renowned … Read more

How To Know If You Can Sing?

A female singer is testing her voice with mic.

Singing as an act goes beyond just singing, opening the mouth to utter some melodious songs in the shower or your bedroom. It is an act and art that goes beyond you as a person. However, it might be practically impossible to perceive the way others think you sound while singing. Know the extent to … Read more

How To Deal With Crying While Singing

Singer is crying while singing an emotional song.

Music has an almost irresistible way of entwining with human emotions and triggering powerful reactions that can be overwhelming. Music appeals mostly to the ears, but it has an intriguing ability to infiltrate the other senses, as well. The way that music compels people to cry is a fascinating phenomenon that continues to leave the … Read more

How To Solve Your Voice Cracking Problems

Singing voice cracking is one the problems that most singers try to avoid. A healthy and perfect voice is the main concern for any singer. For a singer to have a voice that is good, it is not all about how wonderful the voice is, the voice has to be healthy and maintaining it well … Read more

Learn How to Sing Soprano

Soprano perform in the opera house.

In learning how to sing soprano, you need to develop an understanding of what soprano is in various musical contexts. The Soprano is the highest vocal range of female singing voice.  It is the highest voice part in the opera musical. And it is a singing voice based on the scientific pitch notation with vocal … Read more

How to Sing Like Your Favorite Artist

Singer mimicking other's singing styles.

Do you want to learn how to sing like your favorite artist or celebrity singer? I’,m sure that there must be several celebrity singers that you strongly admire. You really like their music, and when their song plays, you can’t help but sing along. I bet you’ve tried mimicking the voice of your favorite singer … Read more

How To Sing Beautifully In 10 Easy Steps

If you want to learn how to sing beautifully, there are many aspects in singing and voice projection that have to be taken into consideration. It is an undisputed fact that singing is an exceptional talent that one is born with. In fact, the majority of the great musicians started singing at a tender age. … Read more

How to Sing Like Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande singing in the concert.

Being so much of an idol, there are many people who adore Ariana Grande. And today I’ll teach you how to sing like Ariana Grande. When talking of popular music sensations, you might not be forgiven if you don’t mention Ariana Grande. The singer’s beautiful and remarkable voice has made most people in the music … Read more

How To Find Your Singing Voice

Finding your singing voice is the main key to become a famous singer.

As a singer, you have to find your singing voice in order to become more successful in the music industry. Singing is an art and how best you sing will be largely determined by the way you can engage your voice to come up with a unique melody. Why Must You Find Your Singing Voice? … Read more

How To Sing On Stage Confidently Like A Superstar

Singer singing professionally on the stage.

If you want to sing on stage, you should understand that it’s not only a matter of combining music and language but also dealing with awareness. This means being aware of those people around you. Focus your attention on the conductor, and enjoy performing on the stage instead of getting worried. During rehearsals, look around … Read more

How To Get Better At Singing (Step-by-step Tutorials)

Singer singing out her best.

Nowadays, a lot of people are asking themselves the question about how can I make myself sing better.  This question is frequently raised due to the fact that the time and cost involved in learning to sing through a hired professional instructor are skyrocketing not including the strict supervision that you have to go through. … Read more

Why I Can’t Sing Well In Morning?

Woman warm up her voice on the beach in the morning.

Do you know the hidden reasons why you can’t sing well in the morning? When you have a deeper voice upon waking up in the morning, it is a sign that you had a good night’s rest. Did you notice that your voice sounds lower when you wake up in the morning? Here are some … Read more

How to Improve Your Vocal Tonality in Singing

Man trying to take his singing voice and skills to the next level.

If you want to improve your vocal tonality in singing, you should understand the components of a good tone and a bad tone. The term tone refers to the vocal or musical sound that focuses on the pitch, strength, and quality. Tone or timbre refers to the quality of a musical sound, note, or tone … Read more