Singers Who Sounded Like Elvis Presley

List of singers with Elvis's singing voice.

Who would not like to sound like Elvis? I bet, aside from wishing to look like him, every guy out there wants to have that Elvis-like baritone voice that makes girls swoon. Dozens of Elvis Look-and-Sing-alike Contests are held throughout the world to honor Elvis, … Read more

Famous Tenor Singers Today

If you are a tenor, you are lucky because your vocal range may be similar to the famous tenors. If you want to know some of these famous tenors, you can check out this list of top tenor singers at present. Perhaps, you may be … Read more

Singers That Sound Like Adele

Adele twitter cover

Some of you have probably heard the news that Adele is temporarily stepping away from the entertainment business and announced to have at least a decade-long break from touring. Adele was seems struggling to adjust to the nature of touring. Since the release of her … Read more

How Much Do Rappers Make?

2 Hip Hop singers are posing on stage for photo shooting.

Have you wondered how and how much do rappers earn their living? Many up and coming rappers are curious about these things because they simply want to know how much these world-renowned rappers and even unsigned performers get paid. This will also inspire thriving performers … Read more

Gerard Way’s Vocal Range

Gerald Way is performing live on stage.

Born on April 9, 1977, Gerard Arthur Way is known best as the co-founder and lead singer of the band, “My Chemical Romance.” This American songwriter, singer, comic book creator, and musician released his solo debut album called, “Hesitant Alien” in 2014. Highest Note: As … Read more

Axl Rose’s Vocal Range

Axl Rose singing with very wide vocal range of 6 octaves.

Do you know how incredible Axle Rose’s vocal range is? Nothing defines the success of a musician better than the crowds they pull, their fan base and the air play they get. It is in line with these factors that Axl Rose has received a … Read more

Celine Dion: Perfect Singing Voice

Celin Dion’s full name is Céline Marie Claudette Dion who was born in March 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec who became famous internationally with Celine Dion singing voice.  As a Canadian singer, actress, occasional songwriter, and a businesswoman, she was raised in a big family of … Read more

Katy Perry: Sexy Contralto Vocal Range

Katy Perry singing on stage.

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson the second child among three children was born to Christian pastor parents in Santa Barbara, California on 25 October 1984. She is more popularly known by her career name Katy Perry and grew up listening to gospel music and was part of … Read more

Success of Jordin Sparks’s Singing Voice

Jodin Sparks singing.

Jordin Sparks, the youngest winner of American Idol so far at the age of seventeen shot to fame by winning the sixth season of American Idol in 2006. Jordin Brianna Sparks and her younger brother Phillippi “PJ” Sparks Jr. were born to former NFL defensive … Read more

Chris Brown: Top American Recording Artist

Chris Brown singing R&B song.

Chris Brown, American recording artist, and an actor were born in Tappahannock, Virginia to Clinton Brown a corrections officer at the local prison and Joyce Hawkins, former director of a daycare center. He has an elder sister working in a bank. Chris showed an interest … Read more

Amy Winehouse: Powerful Contralto Vocal

Amy Winehouse singing.

Born on September 14, 1983, Amy Jade Winehouse blessed with a powerful contralto voice earned a name for herself as a singer and songwriter with a special talent for mixing different genres of music like jazz, R & B, Soul, etc. Amy Winehouse, born to … Read more

About Madonna Vocal Ability

Madonna singing live in concert.

The Controversy in Madonna’s Vocal Ability… The American singer and recording artist better known in the world as Madonna was born in August 1958 at Bay City, Michigan.  Aside from being a popular singer and recording artist, she’s also known to be an actress and … Read more

Success of Pop Rock Singer: Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson singing love song.

The popular American pop rock singer Kelly Clarkson who hails from Fort Worth, Texas as her birthplace, was born in April 1982.  Her full name is Kelly Brianne Clarkson, and she’s also known to be an actress and songwriter.  Kelly was raised in a small … Read more

Success of Lady Gaga Singing Style

Lady gaga singing live.

Lady Gaga’s full name is Stefani Joanne Germanotta who was born in March 1986 at NY City.  She’s currently a very popular American pop singer and songwriter, being the eldest child in the family.  She was raised as a Roman Catholic by her parents, Joseph … Read more

Mariah Carey’s Vocal Range

Mariah Carey perform in live concert.

In Long Island, NY, a child named Mariah Carey was born in March 1970 who would soon become a world-famous American singer in pop/R&B.  While performing as a great singer, she’s also known to be a songwriter, actress and record producer.  Maria is the 3rd … Read more

Success Story of Justin Bieber

The popular Canadian singer of pop-R&B named Justin Drew Bieber who is better known as Justin Bieber has his birthday in March 1994 at London, Ontario.  He was raised in Ontario by his mother whose name is Pattie and who was only 18 when she … Read more

Justin Timberlake: Most Successful Star Search Singer

Justin Timberlake singing in the concert.

The world-famous Justin Timberlake Star Search singer whose complete name is Justin Randall Timberlake was born in January 1981 as an American pop singer and actor.  Justin has won 6 Grammy Awards and 2 Emmy Awards.  He was born in Tennessee, is the son of … Read more

Christina Aguilera: Famous for Vocal Ability

Christina Aguilera singing sad song.

The famous celebrity, Christina Aguilera whose full name is Christina María Aguilera, was born in December 1980 as an American actress and recording artist.  Her birthplace is Staten Island, NY, and her parents are Fausto Wagner Aguilera, a former US Army sergeant, and Shelly Fidler … Read more

Britney Spears: Contralto Vocal Range Singer

Britney Spears singing in concert.

The world-famous American entertainer and recording artist, Britney Spears contralto singer, was born in December 1981, at McComb, Mississippi.  Being raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, she started her music career as a kid, doing acting roles in TV shows and stage productions.  Britney is the 2nd … Read more

Adam Lambert: Best Male Pop Vocal Performance

Among the great singers, Adam Lambert has the attitude, texture and power in singing just like Michael Jackson, Steve Perry, Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury.  He also possesses a gymnastic profile like that of Labelle and Aguillera.  Being an icon in the music world, he … Read more