Types of Live Autotune Hardware & Equipment

Different types of autotune equipment and gear for real-time pitch correction.

Because there’s no such thing as perfect pitch, and everything is just an approximation when singing notes, Andy Hilderbrand, a Ph.D. engineer, invented the Auto-Tune effect in 1997. He utilized the autocorrelation method for detecting pitch, and this method was far superior to other early attempts for detecting pitch. Soon after, many artists and producers … Read more

Autotune for Live Performance

A singer using autotune to sing in live performance.

When I was doing the vocals for our band’s first album, I remember that the sound engineer made use of Auto-Tuning software to correct some minor off-pitch notes I made. Of course, it saved him and me a lot of recording time, for instead of asking me to sing once again the parts with off-pitch … Read more

How To Introduce A Performance On Stage

A host introduce the next singer on stage.

Most people do not know this, but the manner of introduction a performer receives is vital to their performance quality. Indeed, their introduction essentially sets the tone for their performance. Sadly, many hosts manage to overlook how important an entertainer’s introduction is and just ‘wing’ it. But, the truth is there may be no better … Read more

What To Wear On Stage When Singing

Female singer wearing attractive outfits on stage for live performance.

Many singers do not realize that choosing the right outfit is a critical part of preparing a live performance. Indeed, your fashion choices not only set the atmosphere for your performance but also helps your audience identify the right mood for your music. Let’s not forget that a singer’s outfit can also help support the … Read more

Essential Beatboxing Equipment

Tools and music gear used by beatboxer.

If you want to raise your beatboxing skills a notch higher, you will need the best beatboxing gear to let you project the beatboxing sounds you intend to produce. Talented beatboxers are always in agreement as to which essential equipment a beatboxer should have. So, it will help if you check out the list of … Read more

Can You Use In-ear Monitors As Earphones?

Singer wearing IEM earphone when singing on stage.

Sometimes the obvious advice you need to hear isn’t very obvious to you. Here’s an example of this that happened last month. A friend asked me which is better between earbuds and in-ear monitors. IEMs and earbuds, of course, are somewhat similar because both have small sizes. Both are portable likewise. Moreover, you can insert … Read more

How To Position PA Speakers Correctly

PA system PA loud speakers setting and placement positions.

Quite frankly, the PA speakers’ placement plays a critical role in how your PA system would sound in a venue. Even if you are going to utilize innovative compressors, signal processors, and limiters, if you don’t position the PA speakers at the right spots, chances are, you will never get the optimum audio outputs from … Read more

How To Connect A Microphone To A Speaker?

Ways of connecting microphone to speakers.

Many would negatively reply when asked whether it is viable to connect a mic to a speaker directly. The reason is that the usual setup when using a mic is to let the microphone level signal pass through a preamplifier to make it audible. The microphone preamplifier, of course, can supply the microphone level signal … Read more

How To Set Up A Karaoke System With A Laptop

Singing karaoke on the laptop.

If you want to further enhance the functionalities and flexibility of your karaoke machine, you can try to connect it with your laptop. Connecting your karaoke machine to your laptop, of course, can expand your song choices and even the quality of the sounds of your karaoke machine. Moreover, it would provide you with better … Read more

Live Sound Equipment List For Singers

A solo singer singing live with the complete setup of his gig music gear and equipment.

If most musicians have their guitars and drums, a singer just got his or her voice. But wait, don’t say ‘just.’ Having a great voice comes with many perks. Imagine going around the world just with your voice! Drummers and guitarists always have to worry about their instruments when traveling while a singer carries nothing … Read more

Is My Turntable MM or MC?

Vintage turntable cartridge.

Covering the terms related to the technicalities of DJing, such as the basic parts of your equipment, gives an overview of how you’ll be able to grasp the fundamentals of this skill—now heading to the heart of the turntable–the cartridge. This is one of the controversial aspects of DJing, no matter how basic it is … Read more

Best DJ Controller for Karaoke

DJ put 2 microphones on the surface of the DJ Mixer Controller.

High quality, multi-functional, and portable are the top features a DJ Controller for Karaoke should have. Sure, there are plenty to choose from in the market today, but if you want a worthwhile investment, be smart enough to be informed before ordering anything online or before going to the music store. Whether it is to … Read more

Best PA Systems for Singing

A singer is using PA system speaker to amplify his singing voice.

Aside from the music that we hear, it is the voice of the singers that is the top crowd drawer in any live musical events. Several viable options are in the market today, such as Prepackaged PA Systems, All-in-one Modular PA Systems, PA Power Amplifiers, Live Sound Mixers, and other systems that can be standalone … Read more

Best In-Ear Monitors for Singers 2021

Do you often get disturbed by loud music or unwanted crowd noise when performing on stage? Well, wearing In-Ear monitors can be of great help to you and your entire musical performance. In-ear monitors help music performers to draw away any unwanted noise and distractions from loud drums, guitars, and the audience. An In-ear monitoring … Read more