How to Connect XLR Mic to Computer

Using xlr mic on pc.

XLR microphones are not your regular computer mics. They are generally better models as they offer better clarity and higher-quality sounds than computer or headset mics. Indeed, due to its ability to isolate noise and produce balanced audio, it is no surprise that many radio studios and live events opt to use an XLR mic … Read more

Optimal Blue Snowball Mic Settings

How to setup the Blue snowball mic for better recording quality.

If you find it hard to connect your mic to your computer, you might as well consider using a USB microphone. Of course, USB microphone technology had gone a long way since the first USB mic rolled out in the market. Now, USB mics like the Blue Snowball microphones are already competing well with other … Read more

What Is A Good DB & SPL for Speakers?

Sound system speakers.

Do you know that booming sounds can damage your ears and may cause permanent or temporary hearing loss? I was researching this fact a couple of months ago to understand sounds and the excellent dB for speakers. Of course, sounds come in decibels (dB), and you can get the sound decibels by measuring it with … Read more

What Is Noise Floor In Recording Studio?

Sound engineer is measuring and identify the level of noise floor in a recording studio.

Sounds fill our world on the macro and micro levels. These sounds create signals. If you record your vocals, for example, you’ll notice that there are background sounds. You’ll notice these background sounds even if your studio is acoustically treated. The signal created by the sum of all the sources of unwanted signals and noise … Read more

Types of Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are speakers made for music production purposes such as editing, mixing, and monitoring. Besides that, You can also use them for day to day activities such as using it as an extension for your TV speakers or filmmaking. A studio monitor might include one or more drivers like the woofer, Tweeter, single driver … Read more

Best Soundproof Booth for Apartment

Home studio soundproof setup in apartment and small room.

A soundproof booth offers the best way to record music if you don’t have a quiet studio. It allows you to record music without compromising the quality of your recordings. It is necessary, especially if your studio is an apartment room. In such a case, the outside noise is a big problem. So, an excellent … Read more

White Studio Monitors

White ambient decoration ideas for home recording studio.

To keep that clean look on your desktop, it is good to have white studio monitors at hand. If you are a minimalist, designing your studio for recording or your home office desk with white is an important aspect that will need most of your attention.  Choosing the right colors for your desk will complement … Read more

Best High-End Center Channel Speakers

Center channel speaker set in the living room.

It is a fact that a functional sound for background should contain a minimum of 5.1 channels from the front portion of the background on both left and right sides, a surround sound from left to right, and a 0.1 subwoofer. And, it should have a center that provides solutions to sound technicalities while using … Read more

Best Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces for Mac 2021

Mixing, editing and monitoring music with Mac.

If you’re looking for an interconnective technology, you should look for Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt has been developed by Intel with the cooperation of Apple. Thunderbolt mixes DisplayPort and PCI Express into a single connection that allows for up to 6 peripherals to be daisy-chained in a linear series. Using Thunderbolt, you can also connect FireWire and … Read more

Best Studio Monitor Amplifiers

Editing and monitoring audio recording with studio monitors.

Let us face it, recording, filmmaking, radio, and home studios surely will never be complete without studio monitors. But what are these studio monitors? Well, studio monitors are speakers or loudspeakers that are designed for any type of audio applications. Studio monitor speakers are also designed to produce flat linear phase audio and flat frequency … Read more

List of Essential Home Recording Studio Equipment

Home studio recording studio setups

The typical home recording studio has dramatically evolved over time as computer technology and apps technology greatly improved. In the past, a recording studio usually consisted of a live room and control room where the sound engineers operated the audio mixing consoles and effects units. However, with the availability of powerful computers and recording apps, … Read more

Best Studio Monitor Subwoofers 2021

Subwoofer driver size.

Using a best studio monitor subwoofer will enable you to hear the low frequencies sound in clarity without messing with the main monitors because the main monitors are only suitable for handling the mid and high frequencies sounds. The subwoofer is dedicatedly used in the studio to reproduce the low-frequency sounds (bass).  Studio subwoofer is … Read more

Yamaha Studio Monitors Review

Different sizes and models of yamaha studio monitor speakers.

No matter whether you are a professional recording engineer, or merely an amateur home studio user. Eventually, you will need a set of quality studio monitors for professional and precise sound/music monitoring results. Recording engineers at professional recording studios have to have precise speakers which don’t hype or overly-colorize the sound. Sound accuracy is paramount, … Read more

Best Studio Monitor Stands 2021

Example of the proper placements of studio monitor stands.

To fully-optimize or improve the overall sound quality of your recording studio, you will need to use the best studio monitor stands that are suitable for your recording setups. Having a pair of quality studio monitors added into your studio recording equipment list is a must for most singers and home studios. And a pair … Read more