13 Best Boom Mic Stands 2023

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2023)

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How to set up and install the boom arm mic.

What is the best boom mic stands? Which stand you should buy to prevent your mic from dropping on the floor. In fact, there are countless types of boom stands with various unique specifications that you can find on the market right now. They are all different in sizes, heights, boom arm lengths, weights and other specs. You have to take some time to identify the required mic stand specifications in order to choose the right one for your mic.

What is Boom Arm Stand?

Just like the typical floor mic stands that has a vertically adjustable shaft, but it has an additional horizontal boom arm attached to the top of the vertical shaft to hold the mic. Boom arm can give you longer horizontal reach with the more flexible adjustable angle.

The boom microphone or boom mic is one of the necessary tools in the multimedia industry. Filming for television and movies or even personal vlogs would be difficult without using this specially designed microphone to capture sounds. To make audio recording more efficient, the microphone is clipped or inserted in a boom mic stand where it can easily reach the sound source. Several types of boom mic stands are available to fit the sound engineer’s needs or the filmmaker. Some are flexible enough to be used in different environments, and some are specifically designed solely for studio purposes. 

It’s especially useful wherever you need to set up a mic stand several feet away from the sound sources for vocal, singing, and musical instruments.

Factors To Consider Before Buying

Keeping the Balance

Knowing the weight of the microphone would determine the kind of boom mic stand that you will need. This will help limit the choices as it should be heavy enough to withstand the weight of the microphone.  Remember that the stand arm would be extended to be able to reach the source of the sound, and if the base is too light, it would fall down. If there is no need to extend it that much, there is no danger of it toppling down. Some boom mic stands come with an adjustable counterweight that can be attached to the shaft or legs to provide stability.

Gripping It Securely

Having a heavy-duty clamp with high-quality screws will provide the necessary security when positioning the microphone on a certain angle. It should have a tighter grip to hold the microphone securely and prevent it from swiveling. No matter how a stand is seemingly well made, it is still best to know that the clamp can handle the kind of boom microphone that you will use. You do not want a drooping mic or for it to slip out due to flimsy screws. One of the reasons boom mic stands are used instead of regular microphone stands is that it allows great placement freedom. Look for high-graded stands to avoid this problem. Do not resort to taping it up just to hold a certain position.


Most of them are quite affordable. The prices of the most affordable and cheap boom arms could start from as low as $10 and will be ranged up to $100 for the highest-end category.

Mic Setups

The mic setup does matter. Every accessory added to the stand will increase the weight burden that the boom arm needed to handle. If you attached several heavier accessories such as pop-filter, windshield or shock-mount, then you will need to find a more durable and quality boom arm stand that has a stronger base and heavier holding capacity.


Do you need to carry along your mic arm stands on-the-go and set it up whenever necessary? Portability is also one of the major factors you should be considering. Portable boom arm mic stands are fordable and extendable but with lighter weight holding capacity.


If you are going to use it for the band gigs or live on-stage performance environments, you have better go for the higher-end, durable, heavy-duty and portable stands. However, if you plan to use it in your home studio or locations where you seldom set up and tear it down regularly, then the simple, affordable ones will do.

Types of Boom Arm Mic Stand

There are two types of boom arm stands which are categorized based on its base platform.

1) Tripod Boom Arm Stand

As its name suggests, it utilizes the three-pronged legs as the base platform to support the weight of the mic stand itself. This tripod-style stand is more portable and flexible in nature.

2) Solid/Round Base Boom Arm Stand

It utilizes a robust flat and round platform as the base of the mic stand with the vertical shaft at the center of the plate. It’s quite heavy and inconvenient to carry around. Thus, it’s more suitable to use on the events or locations that you wouldn’t move it around so frequently.

Which Type Is More Suitable For You?

If you are using it solely for solo vocal performance, then a solid base stand will more suitable for this purpose. However, if you plan to use it for musical instruments where it will need longer extendable boom arm, then you will need a tripod mic stand as the tripod legs can be widened for better weight holding capacity.

In fact, the solid base stands are not so suitable to be used in the situation where you need to extend its boom arm too far from its core. It’s because its center platform can’t support the weight of the mic setup that compounded at the end of the arm.

As compared to the tripod stand, the tripod stands are more suitable for the heavier mics that need longer boom arm extension. The tripod legs can be widened making its center platform even stronger to hold those more massive boom arm mic setups. Furthermore, its tripod legs can be easily adjustable and fit into any floor space without being so bulky.

13 Best & Most Recommended Boom Arm Stands

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1) Ultimate Support MC-125

Key Features: Heavy base weighs 35lbs. With inline-skate wheel castors, Adjustable height 52″-83″, Boom Arm 35″ – 61″, Counterweight of 5.75lbs.

It has an easy setup design with a durable heavy cast base weighing at about 35lbs (15.88kg) and has a diameter of around 22.5 inches (572mm) with secure wheel locks. The main boom pole can be adjusted from 52 inches to 83 inches, and its boom arm with a single axial clutch can be extended from 35 inches to 61inches. It comes with a 5.75lbs counterweight to provide stability and keep the balance of the stand even if the microphone to be used is a little bit on the heavy side. The manufacturer offers replacement parts if there are some parts that wear out due to heavy use, and that is one great thing to consider when buying a boom mic stand. Instead of throwing away the whole stand, you can simply order a replacement.

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2) LyxPro Professional Microphone Stand Heavy Duty 90″

Key Features: Height up to 53″-90″, Boom Arm Extension 46″-87″, Adjustable Counterweight, Caster Base with Wheels, Foldable and Rectractable.

LyxPro comes up with an easy to set up professional microphone stand that can be elongated from 53 inches up to 90 inches with a telescoping boom arm extending from 46 inches to 87 inches.  It also has an adjustable counterweight to ensure that it can balance the boom mic stand even with heavier microphones attached to it and would prevent it from toppling to another side. The integrated clips will keep the mic in the right position. 

The tripod has a caster base with wheels for easy setup anywhere in the room. It is a recommended studio setup for vocals, guitar, drums, and other instruments.  Disassembling is as easy as setting it up, making it convenient for traveling musicians and outdoor vloggers as well.

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3) Gator Cases GFW-ID-MIC Frameworks ID Series Tripod Mic Stand

The Gator Cases GFW-ID-MIC tripod mic stand is a very stylish and quality boom stand that made from durable materials. Weighted at 8 lbs and it can be easily folded into 42” long cylinder shape for more useful portability purposes. The telescoping arm is adjustable to 26” long.

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4) K & M Microphone Stand with Telescopic Boom Arm

This K & M stand can be considered as a professional tripod telescopic boom arm stand that is suitable for almost all types of general vocal, singing, musical instrument usage applications.

Its height is adjustable from 35″ to 63,” and its arm can be extended from 18″ to 30″ long. And it’s made of the Swiss steel construction and zinc die-cast base with a total weight of 7.2 lbs. Thus, it is quite a professional, and solid tripod mic stand that you can consider adding it to your list.

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5) Professional Studio Rolling Microphone Boom Stand with Casters by Griffin

This is a heavy-duty boom arm that provides you with longer telescoping boom arm extension with additional 72″ range and higher adjustable vertical shaft with the height from 38″ to 75″. It’s much higher and longer as compared to other models. And the tripod leg is also adjustable from 24″ to 29″ for greater stability to support heavier mic setups and longer boom arm extension. Furthermore, it does also feature a 4-pound counterweight for the boom arm. With these extendable features, you can easily position your mic up to 142″ in the air for the film shooting, choir and group singing purposes. And it also features wheels on the tripod legs for easy stand movement during performance.

With a total weight of 5 pounds, it is quite solid and stable. Despite being so heavy and bulky, it is fordable for portability purposes.

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6) Auray MS-5220T Short Tripod Microphone Stand with Telescoping Boom

This product is only weighted at 3.5 pounds, adjustable height of 22.1″ to 31.5″ and extendable boom arm from 19.3″ to 33.9″. This Auray MS-5220T is a short and light-weight portable mic stand. The boom arm and vertical shaft feature the Ergonomic twist-action clutches for easy angle adjustment.

Based on its specifications, it is indeed a mic stand that made for the sit-down players and singers who always perform in sitting positions such as pianists, drummers, guitarists and more.

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7) Hola! Music HPS-101TB Stand

Key Features: Leg Housing with Secure Locks, Height adjustment from 40″- 63″ Can be used without the boom arm, but the telescoping boom extends to 27″ from the vertical pole, 2 Clips as cable holders.

The Hola! Music HPS-101TB is a Euro-style tripod boom mic stand that utilizes separate clutches for angle, and length adjustments. Its boom arm is extendable from 4″ to 27″ long from the vertical pole, and its height is adjustable from 40″ to 63″. And it is only weighted at 5.6lbs. Just like the Pyle PMKS56, its boom arm is detachable too for more flexible applications in different environments.

The Hola manufacturer offers Music HPS-101TB Mic Stand with patented unique leg housing locks that when the tripod is opened, the legs are securely in place without using any screw. It is easier to set up that way instead of using bolts and nuts on each leg. It also comes with an ergonomic center clutch that can be adjusted up to 63 inches with a telescopic European style boom mic that can reach up to 27 inches if you measure it starting from the center pole. The microphone stand uses standard U.S. 5/8-27 threads, and to reduce any clutter with the wires, there are two cable clips. You will be surprised with its sturdiness for the price that they offer for the stand. However, it does not come with any counterweight, so when used with a heavier microphone, there is a possibility it will fall down to the other end. It is recommended for light microphones.

By reviewing all its specifications provided, it can be considered as a lightweight mic stand that made for portability purpose.

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8) PylePMKS56 Heavy Duty Microphone Stand

The Pyle PMKS56 mic stand is a heavy-duty type of tripod mic stand you should be considering if you are looking for the one that has a very stable tripod base and strong structural support. Its boom arm is detachable so that you can use it with or without the boom arm. Its vertical shaft height is extendable from 51.2” to 78.75”. And its boom arm length is around 29.5” long. With the weight of 6.5 lbs, making it’s base and structure durable and heavy enough that you don’t have to worried about the mic will be tipping over during the performance.

It is heavier than most models of basic tripod stands you could ever find on the market. It also includes an additional 5/8″ mic adapter. Thus, you compatible with the mic with the 3/8″ and 5/8″ screw mounts.

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9) Hercules MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand

Key Features: Boom arm length up to almost 30.7″, Mic Stand Height up to 94.5″, EZ Clutch and EZ Adaptor Flip.

It is one of the easiest boom mic stands to set up as it comes as a 2-in-1 Boom microphone stand without the hassle of screwing nuts and bolt in the poles. It has a hidden pole inside the stand that can be angled to become a boom arm or adjusted to standard microphone stand. The height can be adjusted from 42.1 inches up to 94.5 inches. If a boom arm is needed, the hidden pole can easily slip into the EZ boom clamp, adjusted to your specified angle and length securely. The EZ Adaptor Flip Clip offers major convenience when attaching industry standard-sized microphones. Instead of turning screws to keep it in place, it has a flip and clip mechanism to do it. The whole stand weighs for just about 5.7lbs, so it is easy to transport.

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10) Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200 JamStands SeriesTelescoping Boom Tripod Microphone Stand

The JS-MCTB200 is also one of the professional and light-weight tripod mics stands you should take into consideration. Its telescoping arm is adjustable from 9.5″ to 34.5″ long. And it utilizes a metal die-cast housing and a 5/8″ threading end.

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11) On Stage MSA8020 Clamp-On Microphone Boom Arm

This On Stage MSA8020 is a kind of clamp-on mic boom arm you can attach to your standard floor mic stand. The top-mount boom arm is around 19″ long, and it also features a Euro-style clutch for easy angle adjustment.

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12) On Stage Stands MS7701B Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

The On Stage Stands MS7701 is made with the affordability and portability perspectives in mind. The hybrid sheet metal material has been used to produce a more durable and lightweight mic stand. In terms of portability, the boom arm is removable, and its tripods can be fold-flat easily.

It uses the 5/8-27 threads solid cast end, which is compatible with the mic such as Blue Yeti and other mics that using the 5/8″ size screw mount. Its adjustable height is 36″ to 63,” and the boom arm is 36″ long with a built-in counterweight molded plastic. It also features the Euro-style boom that comes with the individually adjustable clutch for boom length adjustment and the separate clutch for boom angle adjustment. And the singer or performer can quickly adjust the boom arm during the performance.

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13) AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

This Tripod is the most affordable entry-level boom mic stand that is more suitable for the basic uses. It’s compatible with the 3/8″ to 5/8″ adapter. Its base platform is quite sturdy to handle the boom arm weight. However, it will become unbalanced if you extend the boom too far from the core.

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