How to Become A Famous Singer Fast

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2023)
How To Become Famous Singer

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So you are a wannabe singer and you want to make it to the top, right? You have some singing skills and are wondering how to explore and exploit your potential and how to become a famous singer, right?

What Make A Successful and Famous Singer?

There are four components that will go into making a star singer out of you.

  • Talent – translate into innate talent and developing talent
  • Hard work- translate into practice, persistence, and perseverance
  • Connections-Family, friends or someone in the musical fraternity
  • Luck – Whether dame luck has decided to smile down on you

1) Talent

Almost everyone has a certain amount of innate talent. The difference will be in how much the talent is?. Some may be blessed with a little more talent than the others. The rest of the skill is developed. You have to explore your potential and develop your talent in the best manner possible.  The first step would be to join a music school or if your finances are deep then you can even go in for one-to-one training. The next step in exploring your potential is to try out new areas of singing, trying different genres of music and experiment with all types of songs to be versatile. Remember that the audience out there are always looking for fresh and innovative talent.

2) Hard Work

Nothing can ever replace hard work in the form of regular practice, committed determination to sing well and succeed. One step that you can try is to record some of your favorite songs which you think you sing fairly well and request a recording company to release an album. Initially, since you are an unknown quantity you may have to accede to their conditions regarding ownership rights, publicity, and payment terms. But remember you must take risks for results. It is a “No pain, no gain” situation until you learn how to become a famous singer.

3) Network Connections in Music Industry

Along with developing the singing skills you need to develop your marketing skills too. Start by checking whether you have any influential person in the music fraternity within your family or friends circle. If you have, make use of their goodwill without hesitation. Alternately you can try and get yourself introduced to an influential personality who may drop a word on your behalf and this could be your stepping stone to success.  Of course, you need to convince them of your talent and capacity to deliver when given an opportunity.

4) Luck

This translates into good behavior and conduct that elicits a positive response from the audience, organizers, promoters, and colleagues. Take part in as many competitions as possible to get noticed by talent hunters. There are many reality shows on television through which we now have a multitude of singing stars. Participate and be committed to the task of winning. Try to develop additional skills such as dancing and interacting with the audience. When dame luck smiles in the form of opportunities, grab her with both hands and you would have learned how to become a famous singer.

Fastest Ways To Become A Famous Singer

Many people know that becoming a professional singer is a lucrative profession that does not entail too much effort and at the same time, it’s entertaining for both the singer and the audience that is why numerous people want to become popular singers.  The problem is how to get started in your career to enter the world of professional singing.

The first option for you to make is to enroll in a school of music to get familiar with all the aspects of singing.  In doing this, you need to have a strong determination to move forward, and not getting bothered for some obstacles that you encounter on the way.  Your initial shows may look futile at all that can greatly disappoint you, but you should remember that in any field requiring your talent, this is just normal.

1) Get a Record Deals

Start reaching your goal by recording 5 of your best-created songs, then, negotiate with music recording companies for a record deal to release your album.  Since you’re just a beginner, make it a point to accept the conditions set forth by music companies concerning music rights ownership, publicity, and your terms of payment.  Looking for influential people that can do something to boost up your career to become a popular singer is a great move.

Show them in a convincing manner that you can make a good performance if they give you a chance.  Apart from talent, marketing skills and publicity are great factors that can help you attain your goal in singing.  See to it that you render a friendly dealing with your fans and the media because they can do something to make or break your popularity.

If for any reason you get frustrated, keep calm and cool.  Remember that your behavior in public is well observed by people.  Don’t fail to practice singing regularly, and rehearse the type of songs that you’re going to perform on stage to make you really confident in front of a huge crowd and avoid embarrassment because of mistakes.

2) Joining Popular TV Shows / Singing Competitions

Joining popular TV shows / Competitions such as American Idol , The Voice can catapult you to a great distance in singing, and capture a huge number of following that can help you build your career.  When you have established a good track record in the music industry, you will eventually become a successful singer.  Plenty of offers from music companies and various channels will begin to flood your doorsteps.

3) Approach an Agent

Boost your own career by appointing a smart and trusted business manager who is well known in the music industry.  Choose somebody who knows what contracts are acceptable and which offers cannot contribute to propelling your singing career.  Hire a vocal mentor to improve your talent, and avoid taking alcohol and drugs that can destroy your promising career to become a popular and successful singer.

4) Upload Your Singing Video to YouTube: It can make you a Singing Star

One of the great ways on how to become a popular singer is through YouTube since it is the most popular video website in the world today.  In order to get subscribers, you can promote yourself by performing some of your favorite songs and upload them to that famous website.  The more you sing difficult songs, the more your videos will become more popular.

Let’s say you’re able to reach the high notes similar to Philip Bailey, the vocalist of the band. Earth Wind and fire, you will surely gain popularity when many people around the world appreciate your performance and share them with their friends.  In fact, there may even be some producers who will come to know you because of your impressive musical skills, and that may be the start of your success in singing.

Some of the songs that can lead to your discovery if you can sing them well in YouTube are “Reasons” sung by Earth Wind and Fire, “Bohemian Rhapsody” done by Queen, “Dream on” as popularized by Aerosmith, and “Wishing on a Star” sung by Rose Royce.  The song of Jennifer Holiday entitled “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” can make you a shining star in no time if you can do it well.

One way on how to become a popular singer if you’re a teen is by using some popular videos to keep you inspired.  A good example of this is the child singer, Connie Talbot, who sang “Over the Rainbow” in Britain’s Got Talent show which received almost 100 million views on YouTube.

4) Become a Band Singer

Joining a band can be a great way to become a famous singer especially if you’re just a beginner because you’ll feel more comfortable with a group than launch yourself alone on the stage without any experience at all.  Take your time to adjust yourself in your chosen career, and try to search for some avenues to get success.  Learning to sing without any stage monitors can be of help to you since most of the time, you’ll not be having sound monitors when you perform. Thus, forming your own band is one of the best options you can try.

Strengthen Your Singing Uniqueness & Personality

Be Original and Unique

Creating an “A” set is another important step to becoming a popular singer.  Your “A” set should be a compilation of some of your best songs.  You should use it for your live performances.  If you have an album released, keep in mind that your songs do not have to be in the same order in your “A” set.  You can even include songs that aren’t on the album at all if you want. In the beginning, your “A” set should probably be around 30 minutes long.  After all, you may be the opening for another act.

However, as your reputation grows, your “A” set might need to.  Eventually, it might reach 60 minutes or more.  Don’t overdo it, though.  It’s better to let your audience look forward to your next performance than to play too long and upset them or wear yourself out.

Market Yourself

Learning how to market yourself is another key to successfully becoming a singer.  It’s not something that a lot of artists enjoy.  It is, however, a necessary part of a successful singing career.  You need to really be able to captivate an audience, but, you need to get them to your performance, first.

My Personal Advice

  • Even great professional singers had their own difficult time before they became famous.  Feel different from other singers who get frustrated easily by experimenting with various types of songs and your willingness to take risks.  A person who aims to become a famous singer should be able to draw the attention of the crowd through his smart variations in singing.
  • You have to improve your singing skills consistently. Identify your weaknesses and make time to improve it.
  •  The music industry is too crowded for general singers. You must focus on the music style that you can perform the best. Identify the genre that most suitable to you and establish a singing style and culture that will make you a unique singer in that particular genre.
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  1. 1.where can I find a music agent who is going to fulfill my needs to become a well known singer in the music industry?
    2. Where can I find a vocal coach?
    3. Where can I find someone who’s gonna help me build a business contract?

  2. It’s my dream to become a famous singer. I know I’m good. I just don’t know how to get record companies to notice me!

    • Create your own (original) demo CD first and research popular record labels and learn how to impress them and get your attention. It may also help if you did gigs and create a you tube channel too.

      *Most importantly you’ve got to keep at it, take it slow and be ‘patience’. You are going to get a lot of no’s in this industry but yo must stay positive. If being a famous singer is what you desire, then it will happen.

      You just need talent, determination, seriousness, a passion for singing and patience.

  3. What do you think? I want to ask a question. I want to be a singer. i can sing but my high notes are a little bad. I want to be a famous singer. Can you give me exercises advice? and advice on how to be a singer ?

      • Once you have mastered most of the basic singing skills. The next thing is to find & strengthen your uniqueness of your singing style. That’s the way to differentiate yourself from all the crowd of common singers.

        • I want to be on a movie star or a singer. I have had solos on songs ever since I was 4. It looks like a dream but I just thought it will never happen to me and I like to think if a famous person hears me sing and they will try to make me famous. I sing in front of the whole school and I’m better than everyone else.

        • Hi James.

          I am a semi professional opera singer and have been on TV and stage for the past 28 years. However, the TV work has simply been myself as an extra in a few films. The singing has always been on stage. I am just 39 years of age and have always loved to be professional one day. However, very unfortunately for me, things have simply not worked out that way for one reason or another. Do u have any tips as to how I can actually get my foot on the ladder to perhaps one day being ‘famous’ ?


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