Best Laptop Stands for Musicians, Singers & DJs 2023

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2023)

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Gone were the days when stands were only used to prop up onstage the musical notations of musicians during concerts or gigs. Nowadays, however, stands are also frequently used for propping up laptops during gigs by musicians, singers, DJs and music producers. Moreover, laptop computers with stands are becoming a regular fixture in most gigs and performances. But what if, for example, your laptop falls? Surely, you’ll be greatly troubled if that happens during your gig or performance. Hence, if you are using a laptop during your gigs, you will ensure that your laptop is firmly positioned on the durable and reliable laptop stand. 

best laptop stands

The demand, therefore, for durable and different styles of laptop stands is becoming more feverish among musicians as well as DJs and other onstage performers. Moreover, the onset of MIDI controllers makes the use of laptop and laptop stands even more imperative for most musicians, DJs, and other onstage performers.

Buyer’s Guide: Advantages of Using a Laptop Stand

Laptop stands primarily help musicians to get organized onstage. It also allows DJs in organizing their performing spaces onstage. Well, of course, its primary purpose is to prop up the laptop while you perform onstage. But the mere fact that there is a laptop stand at hand helps you organize your performing space even if that space is cramped and crammed with many things. Hence, laptop stand, aside from securing your laptop, also keeps you organized on stage.

The stand itself is not only used to support laptop. Most laptop stands can support other devices such as an iPad, small mixer, cd player, a percussion instrument, and even lighting controller. You can also utilize it to keep your songbooks and sheet music highly organized. Hence, laptop stands are continuously innovating in design to accommodate more functionalities. Some of them have already become highly ergonomic and can provide ease of functions to their users.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Laptop Stand

When choosing a laptop stand, you should first figure out the functionalities for which you intend to use the stand. If you are a musician, for example, then you should choose a stand whose primary function is that of supporting your laptop. Hence, you should consider its sturdiness and capability of keeping your laptop sustained during your performance. Here are then some features that you should look for in a laptop stand:

  • Your laptop stand should be ergonomic and can be transformed into different configurations like those of having a dual arm and double shelves.
  • It should also be adjustable. This means that you can swivel it around even up to 360 degrees. Moreover, you should be able to tilt it to get the position you prefer.
  • It should be very portable and lightweight since you are going to carry it around more often during your gig.
  • It should also be collapsible so that you can fold it conveniently for easy transport.
  • It should be easy to disassemble and assemble and should come with pre-drilled mounting points.

Buyer’s Guide: Other Factors that You Should Take into Consideration

Aside from the abovementioned factors, there are also other technical factors that you should consider when shopping around for a laptop stand. Here are these other factors:

Consider its Height!

It is essential that the height of your laptop stand is just suitable enough for you to reach into it easily. It should not be low wherein you will be required to stoop more. It should not be overly high wherein you will find it hard to angle yourself for easy access to your laptop.

Figure out the Right Size!

Some stands become a problem onstage because of their sizes. Hence, before buying a laptop stand, make sure that you already know the right size that is appropriate for the workspace onstage. You surely don’t want your laptop stand to get into your way while you perform.

It should be Easy to Set Up!

Many musicians are always on the go. Sometimes, they have more than one gigs in a single day, and more often, they must hurry up onstage to set up their instruments. Hence, it is necessary that their laptop stands are easy to assemble and set up. If you are a keyboardist, for example, you would surely need a keyboard stand that has a built-in laptop holder. In this way, you will not be required to shell out extra money for an additional laptop stand. In this way, you will not be necessary to carry around two stands for your gig. Many keyboard’s stands nowadays have provisions for a laptop. Hence, it would be good to choose one of those keyboard’s stands that has a built-in laptop stand.

It Should Have Safety Features

The laptop stand is no longer solely used to support laptops. Hence, aside from merely supporting your laptop, it should also have extra security features. Remember, laptops are expensive. Moreover, you have your important programs and files in your laptop. Hence, you surely don’t want to lose or damage your laptop whichever way. For this reason, you must buy a laptop stand that has additional safety and security features to keep your laptop secure and safe.

Best Laptop Stands on the Market Today

The number of manufacturers that produce laptop stands is increasing, and if you intend to buy one, you will likely get confused. Hence, we have delineated here and review some of the most popular brands of laptop stands on the market today:

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1) Quiklok Music Stand (LPH003)

This model is a stand-up desk that is very portable. It is a portable tripod stand for laptop and MacBook. You can fully adjust it to suit your requirements, and you can easily swivel it 360 degrees. It also features an adjustable tilt and a pull-out mouse tray. Hence, you can easily get the best position for your laptop during your performance. The retractable and pull-out mouse tray can be easily positioned on either side. Moreover, it has an easy-to-fold structure for convenient storage and transport. Lastly, it is made of stable and robust steel construction.

If you want to tilt the laptop surface, you will notice that it has dual-toothed gears that readily engage with each other. A thumb screw then holds them together. Hence, this stand is very solid. Moreover, the platform where the laptop sits is covered with rubberized material, preventing the laptop from readily skidding. You will also find the pegs easily adjustable for securing your laptop in place.


  • This stand is well-built and sturdy and can indeed support your laptop and other stuff during your performances.
  • It is easy to break down and set up for easy storage. It is also heavy and hefty.
  • It can hold your laptop solidly because of its two-toothed gears that readily engage each other and are held by a thumbscrew.
  • The laptop sits on a rubberized material to prevent it from sliding.


  • If you set up and break down this tripod more often, the nuts and bolts that hold the hinges may become loose over time. So, if you are gigging and breaking the stand more often, you should be mindful of this possibility.

2) Gator Frameworks Adjustable Multi-Media Gear Stand

This Gator Frameworks Stand is perfect for propping up laptops, production samplers, projectors, sheet music, and other devices. It features the tripod style using the 7/8″ steel-tubing that allows it to plant and hold your device in place firmly. It can also support up to 20lbs of weight. You can easily set it up as a ready workstation.

You can also easily tilt and maneuver its 1.22-mm steel tray at an angle that is most conducive for your use. Moreover, its range of height is from 28″ to 44.5″. Its tray is likewise reversible and has a raised flange on one of its sides for conveniently securing your items that need no mounting. Its key features include the following: 1.2mm steel utility tray together with adhering EVA rubber pads, 19.25″ x 15.75″ tray with one flange edge, and mounting brackets for mounting small monitors.


  • It is a heavy-duty stand that is incredibly strong. It comes with thicker steel and appears to be well-engineered.
  • Despite its being lightweight, it is still sturdy.
  • It is perfect for sitting applications and standing performance for its rubber pad can grip even the heaviest equipment.


  • It doesn’t come with a mouse tray.

3) Pyle-Pro Amplifier Part (PLPTS3)

Pyle-Pro Amplifier Part is quite a good veritable laptop workstation. This tall laptop desktop can truly function as notebook desk workstation for projectors and sound equipment. The good thing about this stand is that it is readily adjustable, specifically its height, and for this reason, it is easy to set up.
Moreover, it is easy to carry around being lightweight, portable, and reliable. This stand is also very durable. It is made of hard-wearing and rugged metal construction. Furthermore, it is heavy truly duty for use both in studio and stage performances.


  • This stand is easy to set up for a mini-DJ system.
  • Its height is easily adjustable and can go up to 48 inches even if it only indicates 41 inches.
  • It is durable and is designed for rugged use.
  • The tabletop is wide enough for different applications.


  • The top surface seems to be textured like plastic and not rubberized or carpeted. It seems to be more slippery compared to other stands’ tabletop surface.
  • The top surface of this stand resonates. Its resonation can be a bit annoying for some users.

4) Akai Professional Laptop Stand

It is a solid and easy-to-assemble laptop stand for use by producers, performers, singers, and DJs. It has a very secure construction that is designed for safely propping up your devices. It is also collapsible, allowing you to reduce it in size for easy transport. It also has the top, underside, and inner rubber grips for safely securing your computer.

Moreover, it can be wall-mounted for easy use in DJ booths and studios. It also comes with a zippered case for safe and convenient transport.


  • This stand looks rock solid and light likewise.
  • You can set it up quickly.
  • It comes with a carrying case that can come in handy when transporting it.
  • Its angle and height are perfect for DJs, musicians, and singers.


  • It wobbles a bit which can be annoying sometimes.

5) Numark Laptop Stand Pro

The Numark Laptop Stand Pro is a perfect computer stand for gigs and live performance. You would surely love to use this stand and would truly appreciate its usefulness. It is very solid and sturdy, and for this reason, it can safely handle the weight of your device and securely prop your laptop anytime and anywhere. However, despite its sturdy construction, it is still very lightweight and easy to carry around and is readily collapsible.

It is also lined with rubber grips on its top, underside and inner parts for securing the computer in its place. Moreover, it can also be wall-mountable and can be readily used in studios and DJ booths. It also comes with a protective zippered case for convenient transport.


  • You will find this unit easy to assemble and break down. You simply need to hold the two sides and slide them into its central crossbar. Then, you are all set. You don’t need any screws to set it up.
  • It comes with rubber on its stand to keep your laptop from moving or sliding. It also protects your laptop from scratches.
  • It is well made and sturdy.
  • It is easy to stack away inside the bag when it is not in use.
  • This stand is perfect for DJs.


  • You will find the stand challenging to fit into the case that comes with it. Moreover, you will find it hard to zip the case entirely.
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