How to Get Rid of Mucus When Singing

Singer singing with mucus comfortably.

Having an excess of mucous is frustrating especially when you’re singing. To remedy this problem, you should find the best treatment and determine what causes your excessive production of mucous. If you are in urgent to get rid of the mucus immediately (perhaps you will have a singing performance in the next few hours), you … Read more

What If I Don’t Have Good Voice?

Simon Cowell cover his ears.

Have you ever embarrassed to sing in front of people just because your singing voice is “awful”? You might notice some of your friends who never taken any singing lesson. But, when they sing, their singing voices sounded like pro singer. In many cases, they were born with good natural voices. A series of very … Read more

Top Singing Tips for Beginners

Everyone wishes to be a David Cook, or Madonna or a Mariah Carey. Well, why not? Dreaming big is good. That is the first step towards your goal of being a good singer. In this day and age with vast improvements in technology, exposure, and unlimited opportunities anything is possible. Almost every person can sing, … Read more

Useful Singing Tips for Men

Man learn singing.

Discover your range: The first and foremost singing tips for men is that they should first identify their vocal range. What do we mean by vocal range? Vocal range refers to the range between the lowest musical note and the highest musical a person can sing in his normal voice comfortably. When we talk of singing … Read more

Benefits of Singing

Enjoying singing together.

Many people think of singing as a way to pass the time while listening to the radio, or as a way to become a rich and famous celebrity singer, but those are only a couple of advantages of singing.  There are many advantages to singing, from your health to your career. Everyone can benefit from … Read more

Singing Resonance: Secrets to Achieve Better Singing

how voice projection works?

For a long time, there have been constant debates concerning human singing resonance (vocal cords) as to whether they are a whistle, stringed instrument or reed instrument. The debate ends with a stalemate with everyone agreeing that human vocal cords are all of the above and much more. The human vocal cord is a distinct … Read more

Singing Alone or Singing in a Group?

As a singer, you must realize the differences between singing alone and singing in a group.  One is not better than the other.  Both are good in their own ways.  Sometimes singers will even do both in their careers. Remember the song “We Are the World”?  Most of the singers in that big group were … Read more

How to Sing Tenor Professionally

Tenor is singing classical song on stage.

Tenor is the highest male singing voice within the vocal register. There are three types of singing tenor voice for both female and male singers. However, there are some differences on singing tenor for male singers. Singers comfortable in high register, singers comfortable in the low register and singers comfortable in the mid register. This is not to … Read more

How to Sing in Perfect Pitch without a Reference Note

Practise vocals with piano.

Perfect pitch is also known as absolute pitch, where a singer can sing out any notes that been played on the musical instrument precisely without any former reference tone. It can be considered as one of the most valuable skills that a very competent singer must have. Sadly, very few singers in the musical industry … Read more

How Singing Stimulates Child Development

Teacher teach children how to sing properly.

Singing can make learning lessons simple and fun for any child. Every reader of this article can recollect learning some basic lessons through singing. Most of us learned our ABC’s through a simple song, that you probably can sing to this day. Old MacDonald’s farm taught us how animals speak while helping our memory. When … Read more

Why Eating Affect Singing Voice?

Woman is eating a table-full of food.

You may wonder how it’s possible that eating affects singing voice but there is a deep relation between eating and singing. Whatever you eat and even the timings in which you eat have a very crucial role in determining the quality of your voice.  It’s not considered good to sing when you are hungry or … Read more

The Reasons Why Tone Deaf Singer Unable to Sing in Pitch

Image showing a woman singing in studio.

The ability to sing in pitch doesn’t come easily to everyone.  But, if you believe that you are just completely tone-deaf and can’t possibly improve, there really are options out there for you.  “Tone deaf” is, more often than not, just something people call themselves when they don’t want others to know that they don’t … Read more