How to Sing and Play Piano at the Same Time?

A singer is singing and playing piano on stage.

If you are just a casual spectator, watching those popular artists like Paul McCartney or Elton John plays the piano while singing at the same, you will surely remark that those artists are doing it pretty effortlessly. Yes, their performances may seem effortless from afar, … Read more

Best Brands of Upright Pianos

Different brands and types of upright pianos.

The Upright piano has always wallowed at the backdrop behind that of the grand piano when it comes to popularity. Despite its long history of existence dating back to 1805, it still plays second fiddle to the majestic grand piano. Well, when it comes to … Read more

Best Keyboard Pianos With Built-in Looper / Sequencer

With the fast-paced development in electronics, it is no longer rare to find keyboard workstations that readily integrate sequencers and sound module. These keyboard workstations are indeed veritable “studios-in-a-box.” They allow you to create original music and perform them. They provide high-quality synth sounds, and … Read more

Best Small Pianos for Apartments 2021

Apartment with a small piano in a corner.

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Best Lighted Keyboard Pianos 2021

A photo showing how the lighted piano keyboard works.

We have divided 2 categories of lighted keyboard pianos in this review, as there are some of the best keyboard pianos lighted keys we found that are more suitable for children, whereas some professional models that more suitable for the adult-beginners. Of course, learning to … Read more