How To Fix Echo In Headphones

Try various tricks to solve and mute the echo noise in headphones.

While adding echo effects can add excellent enhancements and uniqueness to audio production, they can be incredibly annoying when you don’t need them. This is especially true if you can hear the echo while using a headset to facilitate a better listening experience. Thankfully, we have valuable insight into how to fix echo in headphones, … Read more

Best Studio Monitors for Hip Hop

Making the r&b and hip hop music.

As a longtime singer, I have recorded different music genres like pop, jazz, blues, classical, country, and electronic, hip hop, and many more, and I observed that specific music genres more often necessitate different types of monitoring and mixing. So, if you want to record, for example, hip-hop music, you need to use the monitors … Read more

Keyboard Workstation Vs DAW

Music producers making music with DAW software and keyboard workstation.

The ultimate deciding factor when choosing between Keyboard Workstations and Digital Audio Workstation would depend on the musician’s preferences. It would be smart to thoroughly explore the pros and cons of the equipment before making a final decision. Songwriting, music arranging, or sound engineering has never been this easy. In today’s technology, the music tools … Read more

Best Keyboard Workstations For Hip Hop

Music producer is making hip hop beats with keyboard workstation.

There is no definite criterion that you can solely depend on when choosing the best hip hop and beat making keyboard workstation. It is a combination of the musician’s requirements and the workstation’s ingenuity. However, there are several factors you must emphasize if you plan to use this keyboard workstation for playing or making hip … Read more

Best Mono Synths of All Time

Prototype of a mono synth.

Gone were the days when synths were viewed as avant-garde. At present, the market is flooded with affordable synthesizers, especially in the monophonic (mono synth) synthesizer category, which has seen a spike in mono synths availability at an affordable price. Of course, the mono synth differentiates itself from polyphonic synthesizers because it can only play … Read more