What Is Indie Music – Meaning, History & Examples

What Is Indie Music - Meaning, History & Examples

What is Indie Music? The indie genre has had various iterations to its meaning over the last few decades. Because of how loosely the term is used to describe a whole umbrella of sub-genres, it can seem quite ambiguous. But at its core, indie retains … Read more

Best Studio Monitors for Hip Hop

Making the r&b and hip hop music.

As a longtime singer, I have recorded different music genres like pop, jazz, blues, classical, country, and electronic, hip hop, and many more, and I observed that specific music genres more often necessitate different types of monitoring and mixing. So, if you want to record, … Read more

Best DAW for Mixing and Mastering

Music producer is using Daw to editing and mixing songs on computer.

With the revolutionary development of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) technology, creating music today has never been better for songwriters, composers, DJs, arrangers, sound engineers, and artists alike. This software program can effortlessly make instant music with just a few clicks of the finger.  In the … Read more

Best MIDI Pad Controllers for Beginners 2022

Music producer is playing and making beats with the MIDI pad.

Most of the beginner or home studio music producers generally make use of MIDI keyboards to have perfect control of synthesizers and other instruments. This is because MIDI was mainly developed for this purpose of providing “at-home” producers of music a single platform from where … Read more