How To Set Up A Loop Pedal

Guitar player configure and setting the loop pedal on the floor.

My friend and I once watched a one-man show wherein the performer seemed to be having the best performance of his life. His instrumentals seemed to be a full ensemble, and my friend wondered how he did it. Well, I said, “He is playing along with his pre-recorded tracks and a looper pedal.” “Ah, I … Read more

Best Noiseless Strat Pickups

White electric guitar.

If you are a die-hard guitar player, you would surely have experienced playing the Stratocaster pickups, and you would have fallen in love with the sharp attack and bite of the single-coil strat pickups. Yet, you would surely have experienced likewise the annoying hum given off by strat pickups because they are quite sensitive to … Read more

Best Electric Guitars With Thin Necks 2021

List of slim neck electric guitars for small hand player with short fingers.

Several factors, like accuracy in tuning, tone production, and intonation, need to be considered when choosing a thin neck electric guitar. But aside from these factors, you also need to consider the level of playability of the electric guitar. This factor would come to the fore, especially if you got stubby fingers and small hands, … Read more

Best Acoustic Guitars with Thin Necks

A guitarist practice with a thinner neck acoustic guitar.

Have you always wanted to improve your guitar playing skills, but your small hands keep getting in your way? Well, guitars with thin necks will light up your way to fame. Not only do they make guitar playing easy, but they give you more control as you play. Commonly, electric guitars are famous for their … Read more

Best In-ear Monitors for Guitarists 2021

Female singer is performing live with a guitarist.

The in-ear monitors for guitarists are very important to readily block out all the unnecessary noises onstage. Whether you are live singing onstage or playing drums, or keyboards, you would surely need a reliable monitor that would provide you with a more precise representation of the onstage sound. At your vantage point, the sounds of … Read more

Finger Protectors for Guitar Players

2 types of gloves you can use when playing guitar.

Some guitarists find wearing finger protector as inconvenient, and they are averse to its use. However, the majority of musicians would surely want to have a nicely sculpted finger protector when playing their guitars. They likewise believe that having their fingers protected while playing the guitar would surely be for their own interest and surely … Read more