Best Deepen Voice Exercises To Improve your Voice

Deepen Voice Exercises To Improve your Voice

A man’s deep voice is one of his most attractive features. It can make you feel more powerful, influential, attractive, and even dominant. Is it possible, though, to develop a deeper voice through physical means alone, without the need for medical intervention? If you’ve seen … Read more

How to Get Your Singing Voice Back

How to Get Your Singing Voice Back

There are a number of causes for voice loss (or aphonia.) It could result from something as simple as yelling excessively at a concert or sports game, chronic smoking, allergies, acid reflux, which causes heartburn and stomach acid to irritate your esophagus and vocal cords, … Read more

How to use Chest Voice: Easy To Follow Steps

How to use Chest Voice Easy-To-Follow Steps

Using your chest voice is fairly easy as it is nothing but your speaking voice. When you sing, you use the same vocal range as when you speak, using your natural low and middle notes. When utilizing your chest voice, your vocal folds vibrate along … Read more

How to Practice Do Re Mi Scales In Singing? [Answered]

Do Re mi Image

Practicing Do Re Mi Scales in singing is an essential vocal exercise to strengthen your music senses in terms of harmony and pitches. Almost everyone knows about Solfège. It teaches you how to write down composed music, sing harmonies, and pitches. If you took music … Read more

Powerful Vocal Warm Up Exercises for Singers

A singer is waking up his singing voice by warming up his vocal.

In performing your vocal warm up exercise as part of your routine singing essentials, you can follow the vocal tips given in this article.  Warm-up exercises provide enormous benefits to beginners that are why music instructors and pro singers vouch for their favorable effect in … Read more

How to Practice Singing in Most Effective Ways

Singer train her voice with headphones on.

Singing should not be strictly viewed as a gift that one is born with. The ability to sing well can also be acquired simply through practice. How to practice singing is a question that most people struggle to answer. This is where I come in. … Read more

How To Train Your Voice To Sing

Vocal training session.

How can you train your voice to sing? Singing is all about manipulating instruments. And in my list of instruments, the voice box has a top position. How best you sing mostly determined by how best you use your voice and the limits you are … Read more

How to Improve Your Singing Voice

Singer is practising and listening to her own singing voice.

There are only so many vocal exercises that you can do on your own to improve your singing voice.  If you have been working on your own and are still committed to becoming a great singer, it is time to take the next step and … Read more

How to Increase Your Lung Capacity for Singing

Lung image.

No methods can be done to increase your lung capacity or size of the lungs.  But this doesn’t mean that everything is closed pertaining to this.  There are of course some alternatives that you can do to help in improving the power of your lungs, … Read more

Speech Level Singing Exercises

Speech level Singing

You may not have heard of speech level singing before, but it is a technique used by many singing stars, including Jennifer Lopez and Michael Jackson, among others.  The idea of speech level singing is to produce tones easily, as if you were speaking, without … Read more

Singing Posture Exercises & Tips For Singers

Singer make a turning posture when singing

Generally, vocalists are very careful about the positioning of their feet, knees, abdomen, shoulders, or so. Correct posture while singing is very important for a professional singer. Now, if you are on the path of professional singing, then you must learn proper singing posture.  It … Read more