How To Add Distinctive Flavor to Your Singing Voice

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2021)
Singer try to sing differently on her song performance.

Have you thought about the need to add a distinctive flavor to your songs?  Every song should have that special something to make it stand out from the rest.  There are a few songs out there that sound great with just one instrument accompanying the singer, but most need a bit more than that.

Every singer tries to present his listeners a lovely piece every time they perform. They tried their best to win the heart of people in each and every performance. Your songs must contain something special to attract the listeners regularly. Your songs must contain flavors that are different and never heard before.

You must have to have the basic talent and proper grasp over the art of singing. If you have the control over your singing then you can easily make your singing voice more distinctive. Let’s find out how you can add a distinctive flavor to your singing voice.

Techniques And Methods You Can Use

1) Perfect Beginning

The foremost quality of a good piece is the beginning. If the opening of your song is catchy enough there is a better chance of having more audience listening to you. It is like alluring the crowd with your start to listen to the whole song. You can use a completely different note sequence at the beginning of your song and go for another note in the rest of the song. While you may also stick to consistent note throughout the whole song. Moreover, you can bring a variety by changing the chord of your instrument with your fingers.

2) Click with the First Line of the First Verse

Second most important thing is to click with the first line of the first verse. If it works then you can hold the audience till the end. Just like the start, the end has to be very strong and appealing. You have to give an appropriate finish to your piece so it can able to leave a deep impression in the minds of the audience. Besides these, it is also important that the body of your song also maintains the standard that you have set at the beginning.

The first line of the first verse needs to really hit home.  You’ve got to capture your audience quickly and hold them there.  Just remember, it’s also important to reserve some strength and power for later verses.  Start strong, but finish stronger, if you want to really make the song more powerful.

Now there are different ways to add a distinctive flavor to your songs. You may use different instruments to bring a variety. You may manipulate your vocal sound or may experiment with the tempo throughout your song. Whatever it may but the main purpose should be to bring uniqueness in your songs. That way you will be able to come out with new themes and distinctive taste every time you perform. Of course, people will throng your shows and love to hear from you.

If you want songs that you sing to have a specially added kick, you need to add a few more items to the mix.  You can’t hope to make your song you perform sounded special until after you have a basic melody and chords planned out, though.  Once you’ve got those, you can start adding in a bit of spice.  It’s a bit like if you were cooking a soup.  Once you have the basic ingredients, you can add more kick.  Here are some tips to get you started.

3) Create A Hook in Your Song

Every good song needs a good hook.  You should have an opening that will capture the attention of your audience.  People will be hanging on every note.  It’s like giving them a bite of cake.  Their mouth will be watering in anticipation of the rest.

You can do so in a couple of different ways.  For instance, you could use a different opening note sequence than the rest of your song contains.  On the other hand, you might prefer the consistency of having one chord sequence throughout the piece. Every popular song has its hook in its own way. You should find and create a hook for every song you are going to sing.

4) Chord Changes

If you are singing while playing the guitar, adding any unique component to your song is very easy as compared to other methods. Chord changes can be the most effective and practical method you can use to make your song more unique with your own style.  If, for example, you play the piano, you can play motifs with your right, while holding a chord with your left.  You should try to make the transitions between chords smooth.

5) Be Creative on the Chorus

Remember that intense doesn’t necessarily mean loud, though. For instance, you might use exceptionally meaningful lyrics at key points.  You could use different instruments.  You could let your vocal inflections speak for themselves.  You can even use contrast in tempo between chorus and verses.  Be creative! Chorus is the most memorable part of the song as it highlights the most significant message of the song to the listeners and audiences.

6) Emphasis More On Your Strongest Singing Skill

What is the type of song you can sing the best? What is your strongest singing technique/skill? Indeed, you can find certain parts of everything you have chosen to emphasize more your best singing skill in that particular parts of the song. Let’s take Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey as examples. Did you notice that Christina Aguilera was always singing with the belting technique in the specific parts of her every song? And let’s take a look at the Mariah Carey musical performance, It seems that Mariah Carey was always able to identify her best spots within the song to show off her whistle tone or register at the higher notes.

7) Unique Diction

Every singer might have their own unique diction that they used while singing. You might have listened to certain artists singing without the appropriate diction. Well, despite their voice, tone and pitch are good, the sound of the complete song will be meaningless and garbled. This is attributed to the song lacking DICTION. The meaning of diction is the correct pronunciation, distinct articulation, and clear enunciation. Correct pronunciation can be described as uttering of words appropriately and relative to its phonics, sound, and tone. Clear enunciation is, on the other hand, the texture and clarity of the voice when pronouncing, while articulation is a formulation of speech comprising distinctive words, vowels, syllables, accents, and consonants. In fact, you can find your own distinctive style of presenting your diction into your singing voice. It will make your singing voice more unique, memorable and recognizable by the audience even once you have sung the first word.

8) Catchy and Unforgettable Melody

Try playing a catchy melody under your vocal.  Switch up your instruments for some added spice.  The audience will love it.

Fourth, the chorus should stand out like the main course, but don’t forget the condiments either.  You’ve only got once chance to spice up your songs.  use repetition to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

Finally, arrange every song ahead of time.  If you use a pre-chorus, the arrangement is especially important, so you can build intensity.  Remember, planning is the key to make all your songs very special, too. After you have pinpointed and identified the methods that you are going to use to make the song more unique and fit with your singing style, try to write down all the details and practice repeatedly to make it perfect. Regardless of how advanced an artist may be, the practice has to be incessant to keep on singing well.

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  1. Thanks for your advice. I noticed all the songs I sung are full of my own unique personality. And It sound special. Thanks…

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    • You shouldn’t worried about it if you have a distinctive singing voice.

      You can upload your singing video on Youtube and get explored from any corner of the world. There are many singers who get noticed on Youtube & become famous singers after that.


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