Can You Make Money with Singing? And How?

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2021)
Earn Money in Singing

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This article will provide you with some ways on how to make money with singing. You may be worried about the emotional as well as financial expenses involved, it’s natural and there are some tips to prepare yourself for the same.

As a jingle singer at one point, I’ve been working with lots of people.  Regardless of the choices people have and regardless of different genre of the music they wanted to be a part of, there were some universal principles that work for all.

 If you have a talent for singing and want to make a living by singing, this is the article for you. Are you worried about the emotional and financial expenses involved? It’s a valid concern, but there are ways to prepare yourself.

The first key is to avoid people who want to cheat you. There are many opportunistic people out there who will cheat you to further their own goals. It would be better if you limited the amount of money you plan to invest, by avoiding such scam artists. Be sure to look for legitimate ways to expand your career.

This article is designed to help further your career in session work and commercial singing. If you’re looking for a great record deal, I’ll have future articles on that. Don’t worry, though, some of the techniques here will apply to you, too.

Let’s discuss some of the ways using them you can make money with your singing talent and get yourself well-prepared for this adventure..

How to Prepare Yourself To Earn Money As A Singer?

1) Make A Plan

You should have a well-crafted plan to make money in your singing career.  Having both short-term and long-term goals is the best and can help you in advancing your career further. Don’t picture what you want to do in the coming month, instead plan for a year or two year or five years.

Make sure your goals are not too far-fetched. For instance, you should consider creating a website, which will serve as an electronic business card. They are relatively cheap and a great form of advertising. Other things you will need include a cell phone, a demo reel and a good way to keep records. Self-organization is very important, after all.

It depends on how you plan your career.  You will find this article helpful to advance your career in commercial singing.  If you’re looking for certain types great record deals, I’ll provide you this in my future articles.  Some of the techniques given here will apply to you, as well.

2) Set Up Your Portfolio/Profile

Make sure that your goals are not too far-stretched and have logical and practical goals as well. For example, you may consider creating a website, which will serve as an online promotion platform and electronic business card.

You probably need a website or a professional Facebook profile page at the minimum. That’s the best way to showcase yourself to the potential customers and also a very effective way to reach your potential customers if your singing performance videos get virally shared by your friends/existing customers. Make sure your website looks professional. In your singing career, you need to present a professional appearance. So, have a picture of yourself and a company logo on your site. Since creating a website is relatively cheap and a great form of advertising, it’s one of the best steps you can take.  Similarly, things like a cell phone and a demo reel are also good ways to keep records.

3) Have Your Demo Ready

A professional demo reel is also important.  Ideally, you must make an impression such as you already achieve it and that you want people to take your performance demo very seriously.

Make your to create demo reels as versatile as possible.  Regardless of your plan, you have to start from somewhere.  Showcasing different singing talents you have is also good.  Include as many songs as you can since there’s no telling what people may ask for.There’s no telling what they may need. One option that you can do is record your collection of music and try to sell them online. You can do this by looking for a company that can help you sell your music on the Internet. If you look around, you’ll find a lot of reputable companies that are listed in online music distribution centers that can do something to sell your music.

Try to get jingles and song demos to be included on your reel. If you’re having a problem on time and money, you can stick it up with a jingle demo reel that is straight, and take as many jingles as you wish to include on the reel. By doing this, you can get multiple styles that you want to showcase.

Finally, remember to keep it simple and look professional.  If you follow these points, you’ll find it easier to make money with singing.

Potential Venues Where You Can Start Making Money

1) Hotels

If you are expert in playing the guitar and other instruments that you can use while singing, you can make your way in playing inside a hotel in the lobby area.  It is advisable for you to remain in low key and just play relaxing music to make it work.  Doing this can get you out of your feet, and gain confidence in facing people while singing.

Later, you will realize that your voice is not really bad as you envision in your nightmares.  You will see that people are not really running away every time they hear your voice.  You may be surprised to know that some hotels can pay you as much as $100.00 per night.

2) Weddings

In your singing career, weddings can give you part of your income if you can get good references, and after getting some experiences.  This may not be a simple thing to do at all because the new couple has to be comfortable with your style so that they will invite you, and that will be your chance to show your best in singing.  For all you know, you can be popular in weddings soon, and make a lot of money out of it.

3) Subway

This may be a difficult thing to do if you’re not used to it, but if you have the guts, you can be discovered when you perform on the streets and subways.  You may not be aware of it, but there are guitarists who play on the streets simply because they like it.  Before, I thought it was something funny, but I realized later that it’s a great way of earning extra cash, and connecting with an audience.

Here, you can start building a small group of following by giving them your email address and contact numbers.

Long-Term and More Professional Ways to Make Money As A Pro Singer

1) Work as a Vocal Coach

Start teaching private singing lessons since many new vocalists are out there who are interested in learning how to sing. You can post your tutorial services in online websites, local newspapers, schools, churches, community centers, grocery stores, etc. Teaching can give you a full time job, while being able to help struggling new singers.

2) Musician / Instructor

Try your luck in college and universities where you can be offered to teach singing in recitals, charities, events and concerts.

3) Form A Band

At first, just perform in a local community to build a group of fans, then expand it through social networking sites.

Additional Tips & Warnings

  • When you lack experience, offer your services for free at the start instead of becoming too aggressive and over-confident.  After building up a portfolio of great performances and contacts, you can begin reaping the rewards of your effort.
  • As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, you must try your best avoid people who are fraudsters and want to cheat you.  There are many such people out there who can cheat you to fulfill their own interests.  You should be very careful and limit the money you invest to avoid such scam artists.  Be sure to get the legitimate means to expand your career.
  • You may want to stretch out your singing styles and at the same time, be able to maintain your musical integrity. Avoid repeating the same musical style in your performances. You have to be versatile in rendering your demo as much as possible.

So, remember to keep it simple, but look professional. Put your best foot forward. If you remember these key points, you’ll find it much easier to make money with singing.

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  1. I am surely going to be a singer one Day and this is my chance I think I might just Take a next step and sing in weddings and else where as I am wanted

  2. Im a small town girl of calcutta I am Christian by faith I wanna be a successful international singer and promote my singing but I’m financially not stabilized at all please help me :'(

    • If you have a good singing voice & unique singing style / culture. I suggest that you can upload some of your singing videos to Youtube. There are many successful singers who really get discovered & famous through YouTube.


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