Best Microphone Suspension Boom Arm Stands 2021

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2021)

If you are going to buy a microphone, you would surely need a microphone stand; Microphone stand allows the mic to be placed in proper position in studio or on stage without needing a person to hold it. Mic stands, however, come in various forms such as straight stand with various versions such as those of desk stands, heavy-duty studio microphone boom arm stands, and the folding tripod base stands. 

There are also accessories that make stands more useful, and the most important of these accessories is the suspension boom arms. The boom arm usually attaches to the stand to allow the microphone to be moved horizontally so that it will be closer to the user. 

Recommended Mic Suspension Boom Arms

Below are the most popular microphone suspension boom arms:

1) RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount

The RODE PSA1 swivel mount has a simple and minimalistic design, but it can support most studio microphones that weigh between 700 g to around 1.1 kg. If you are using a Podcaster or RODE Procaster, for example, this mic boom arm stand will surely be the best to use. It has a vertical reach of 840 mm and 820 mm of horizontal reach. It can also make a complete 360-degree rotation. Hence, RODE PSA1 is ideal for studio and broadcast radio usage. It is also best for use in the home studio.

A Velcro cable together with a desk clamps usually is in the RODE PSA’s package. It also has desk inserts attachments for easy and convenient mounting. Moreover, it also has a wide clamp and can easily be mounted on different flat surfaces. However, the PSM1 shock mount is usually separately sold.

2) NEEWER Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

This stand is a good buy for people on a budget. It is made of durable steel and is good for radio broadcasting, stages, studio, and TV stations. This compact studio microphone arm stand is designed for heavy-duty usage. Moreover, it can be easily mounted on any kind of announcer’s table with the help of the table mounting clamp. Its adjustable black scissor stand is also made of quality steel frame with plastic mic clip.

This stand comes with a little black adapter which could be detached, and if you are using Yeti, you can screw it to the Yeti’s bottom. The good thing about this stand is that even if it is foldable, it still manifests its durability. It also permits much mobility when in use. Moreover, it has a table mounting clamp which also allows you to record voiceovers. Although the boom arms look long, this stand, however, does not have the longest reach among its kind.

3) InnoGear Microphone Scissor Arm

The InnoGear Microphone Scissor Arm Stand is a heavy-duty arm stand made of super-strong steel with strong spring accompanied by an extra positioning screw. It is so compact and is designed for heavy-duty usage. Its maximum load is 1.5 kg. It is characterized by a foldable armband with arms that are adjustable allowing you to easily carry it around, and position it on a suitable angle. It also has an anti-scratch pad with a broader mouth of up to 2.6″ and can comfortably fit most desktop. Its microphone clip is around 1.1 inches. This adjustable scissor arm stand is appropriate for broadcasting, studios, stages, family use, and for use in TV stations. Furthermore, its kit includes the desk mounting, microphone scissor arm stand, and microphone clip.

4) Neewer NB-35 Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

This boom arm stand is a compact microphone stand that you can readily use in your home recording studio. It is characterized by a gooseneck that you can adjust up to 360 degrees. Hence, you can quickly move it to any desired position even if you don’t unclamp it from your desk. It also has a swivel mount that allows for great flexibility. It also has a pop filter that prevents pops from being recorded. Moreover, it is compatible with different types of desktops that have a thickness of up to 1.7 inches. Regarding the components out of which this stand is made, it is made of steel: for this reason, you can be very sure that it is sturdy and durable. Furthermore, this boom arm stand can readily accommodate any standard microphone. If you are using a Blue Yeti Mic, however, you would notice that the NEEWER NB-35 is not completely compatible with this mic.

5) Eastshining’s Upgraded Adjustable Microphone Boom Scissor Arm Stand

This is a compact microphone stand that has been designed to carry mics of different brands. Its adjustable scissor arm stand is fashioned out of high quality steel. Therefore, it is sturdy, durable, and is antirust. It has two adjustable legs of 36.83 centimeters long. You can also extend the stand up to 70 cm. Because of its easy adjustability, you can readily position the mic to any desired position. Moreover, its maximum load capacity is 2 kg.
The bending movement of this stand is surely very solid, and its arm bends back and forth with force emanating from the base. It likewise doesn’t sink or dip. Moreover, the ABS plastic clip mic holder has a diameter of 4.5 cm. You can easily attach to it your Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball using the brass screw adapter. Furthermore, it fits most of the available microphones of the market.
This mic stand is very suitable for use in your stores, any type of recording, family gatherings, corporate meetings, TV stations, radio broadcasting, and any other types of undertaking that requires the use of an adjustable and flexible microphone stand.

5) AOREAL Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

AOREAL Microphone suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand is fashioned out of a heavy-duty metal; hence, this stand is very durable and sturdy. Its design allows for space saving, and it can be carried around conveniently. You can also easily mount it on an announcer’s table. Moreover, it has double-braced arms that provide it with added strength. Its scissors’ arm microphone clip also allows you to hold the microphone in place safely.
The table mounting clamp can be adjusted to fit up to the 2.4-inch thick table. This table mounting clamp enables you to position the stand and the microphone on any flat surface by simply adjusting the positioning screw. It also has a metal-shock mounting feature that allows you to position the microphone to any desired angle by simply adjusting the arm and turning the locking knob. This metal shocking mounting feature also minimizes the handling noise.

6) K&M 23850 Microphone Desk Arm

This stand is manufactured in Germany and is appropriate for use anywhere there is a need for a mic stand with boom arm. K&M is simply an acronym for K├Ânig & Meyer, and K&M is the leading manufacturer of production stands, fasteners, and brackets. The K&M 23850 stand is unique. First, you can attach it easily to any kind of table surface, for it has a unique mounting screw and mounting mechanism that is designed to make it easy for users to mount it on any table or desk. There is also a mechanism inside the stand that allows you to attach the microphone to the stand without any protruding mic cord. Hence, it is very convenient and hassle-free to use without any external mic cord. The clamp of this stand is 55mm long, and the mounting stud can accommodate microphones with diameters ranging from 3/8 to 5/8 inches. Included also in the package is a 16′ XLR cable. Furthermore, this stand can carry up to 1.76 lbs.

7) Tonor Microphone Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand

This stand is characterized by a flexible arm that is easily adjustable. It is very portable and has a dual suspension system. This suspension system precludes the mic from falling inadvertently. This stand is surely of high-quality and is perfectly designed for its purpose. It has a metal body which can be easily attached to any surface with a maximum thickness of 1.9 inches. Moreover, this stand is easily adjustable to any type of angles, and it is truly lightweight. Lastly, this stand can be very useful for stores, stages, and studio recording.

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