Best High-End Center Channel Speakers

(Last Updated On: May 18, 2021)
Center channel speaker set in the living room.

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It is a fact that a functional sound for background should contain a minimum of 5.1 channels from the front portion of the background on both left and right sides, a surround sound from left to right, and a 0.1 subwoofer. And, it should have a center that provides solutions to sound technicalities while using a two-channeled stereo setup. Moreover, the sounds should be perfectly combined in every channel as some are balanced out by the center channel.

What Does a Highly Advanced Center Channel Speaker Do?

Extended Soundstage

A good-quality center channel speaker is composed of both low-pitch and high-pitch loudspeakers, which are also known as woofers and tweeters. These assist in widening the sound while using to the full extent the quality of the music in the same place. Tweeters should be placed parallel to the floor to avoid any unwanted noise that the speakers might produce.

Flexible Listening

With a center channel speaker, you can have a more flexible listening experience, even with a sweet spot. A sweet spot is known to be an area where it is ideal for enjoying your sounds while listening to some music. Amazingly, a center channel speaker allows you to change positions while listening so that even when you’re not on the sweet spot, you can still hear the same quality of sound coming from the central point.

Accurate Sound Balance

The primary purpose of a center channel speaker is to make a precise sound balance between the speakers from both the left and right sides, resulting in a clean sound produced. A center channel speaker is basically what smoothens out uneven tones that are provided by your two other speakers. 

Audiovisual Communication

The center channel produces the sound in most audiovisual communications to provide clear and understandable dialogs. Words should be clearly understood when you are watching a movie, so you’ll know what’s happening in the film you are viewing. Same with other speakers set in 5.1, center channel speakers help to produce sound effects with its right amount of frequency used. This is one of the advantages of having a center channel speaker at hand.

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Best Highly Advance Center Channel Speakers

Martin Logan Motion 30

Martin Logan’s motion 30 will surely get your attention with its folded motion tweeter and 5.5-inch drivers perfect for your AV setup at home. The speaker is technically made and designed to improve the quality of dialogues while keeping all frequencies balanced. This is what is going to make you have a perfect soundstage. 

Its folded motion tweeter produces about eight times the surface area of a usual dome tweeter, so the sound in motion is perfectly smooth and is of good quality. The tweeter is assisted by its folded movement, helping it to push unnecessary air out while giving more time for lightning-fast response. Thus, you will get the perfect sound that you desire, and this is why Martin Logan’s motion 30 model is on top of its competitors.

Plus, it has 6.5-inch bass drivers facing backward and a 5.5-inch cone center-range woofer for a good-quality bass sound with a frequency response from 65 to 25,000 Hz and with a maximum power of 200 watts per channel. You will surely get the kind of sound you want and enjoy your time while you are listening to music or watching the television with Martin Logan’s Motion 30 central channel speaker.

Klipsch RP-450C

Klipsch RP-450C is a model made explicitly for Dolby Atmos systems. The purpose of this speaker is to produce a sound that is mainly bass for you to hear a piece of whole music, yet, at the same time, understand the dialogue very clearly as well.

The RP-450C is a simple speaker with a modern touch. Its body features four woofers that are 5.25 inches, which produces a lot of power and specificity for both low and midrange frequencies. This model is not complicated to look at compared to other complex models in the market.

You’ll soak yourself with the sound that this model produces with its extensive and substantial speaker. The quality is not compromised because of Klipsch’s Hybrid Tractrix Horn technology that is combined with Klipsch’s capable and horn-loaded tweeter plus folded motion woofers for better sound dispersion.

The range of its frequency, which is 58 to 25,000 Hz, will be more than enough to address your needs for your cinema and your gaming purposes as well. Moreover, they offer a 5- year warranty for all who are interested in purchasing this model.

Klipsch RP-250C

Klipsch is a well-known brand, as you can see its models in many households. This specific speaker model is composed of two 5.25-inch ceramic and metallic woofers, and a 90 by 90 hybrid tractrix horn, plus a one-inch titanium tweeter. Its design has been proven to produce a good sound quality that the majority of its users approve of. The bass sound is of good quality; you can hear the most precise music at both mid-range and high-range. 

Its design made of an 18.5 by 9.96 by 6.81-inch espresso that will fit any room decoration. You can include Dolby Atmos sound with it, so both your viewers and listeners will feel drowned with the sound they hear as clear communications are produced in dialogues and even music lyrics. Moreover, a magnetic feature of the grille will allow you to attach and detach it to the speaker if you want to hide your Klipsch away.

Polk Audio Signature Series S35

This slim central speaker is made to give you the best audiovisual experience you can ever have at home with its vast and quality surround sound. It comes with new and innovative acoustics, anti-diffraction grille, precision crossover, and high-res certification. More for you to fully enjoy the sounds you get from the movies you watch, the music you listen to, and even for standard days when you want to watch the television.

Polk audio signature S35 also has an exclusive power port technology that produces a more defined bass response with its diffuser that smoothens out any distortion that arises, offering you pure sound for the TV, movies, and music.

Plus, this model can be perfectly paired with several Dolby technologies and DTS. By combining these technologies, you will surely get the best from the sound these devices produce as they are apparent and realistic. And, it doesn’t matter if you have a brand-new digital processor or if you are using your vintage device because you can use both of these with Polk audio signature S35.


If what you have at present is a combination of just the same brands, then it’s better to purchase the same brand for your center channel speaker as several of these speakers are sold in sets. But also, the sellers have designed their devices in a way that they will work in combination with other brands of products as well, so you won’t have a hard time trying to balance out your sound using a combination of different brands of devices. 

There are center speakers that have features that could work together with several different brands. You have to consider how many drivers there are on a specific speaker. Practically, this will produce a compelling harmony of sound along with the other devices in your setup. Consider availing a center channel speaker that will efficiently supply a powerful sound yet, at the same time, complement your present sound system setup. 

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