Useful Singing Tips for Men

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2023)

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Discover your range: The first and foremost singing tips for men is that they should first identify their vocal range. What do we mean by vocal range? Vocal range refers to the range between the lowest musical note and the highest musical a person can sing in his normal voice comfortably. When we talk of singing comfortably, we mean singing in the speech level voice without shouting, yelling or straining your voice and without jumping to the falsetto voice.

Pick A Genre To Start With: Being able to comfortably sing in all genres of music or at least multiple genres of music will be a great asset to a singer who wants to create a name for himself. So, the best thing would be to learn how to sing country songs along with your pop or jazz or whatever. Singing country songs are in no way more difficult than any other genre of music except that you need a specific simple country accent when you sing country songs and usually the notes, beats and the lyrics are simple when compared to other songs.

Singers who specialize in country songs make it a point to practice and excel at other types of music to cater to different audiences. Based on my experience, just ignore and forget about the nasally country sound you have to master, the country genre is the most suitable genre for a typical man to start with.

Choose The Suitable Songs: For this, you have to discover your range and style of singing. Not everyone can sing all the ranges. Nor can everyone sing all types of songs. If Judy Collins were to sing “Born To Run” wouldn’t your ears ache? Try out the various styles and get your friends also to tell you about which style you sound better. Getting a second opinion is good in such matters. You will need to choose the songs that are suitable for you to sing at the moment, and you can try to sing those more challenging songs once you had improved your singing skills and your vocal range is wider to hit higher notes.

Learn Breathing Control: Breathing control is also one of the crucial skills that a beginner male singer has to master. You have to learn how to control the muscles at the larynx, how to raise the soft palate you are in control of your voice and ready to learn singing all styles of music. Besides that you must also be proficient in different vocal styles, standing or sitting posture while singing that allows maximum flow of air, relaxation techniques, and on-stage performance.

To improve your breathing technique, make sure that you breathe from your abdomen and not just from your chest. To do this make sure that your stomach expands when you inhale and exhale gradually as you sing allowing air to pass through your throat in a controlled manner. Another method of checking whether you are singing correctly is to stand in front of a mirror and observe yourself while singing. If your Adam’s apple moves too much up and down, you need to practice more to get it under control. Only then you will be able to sing without strain to your vocal cords.

Strengthen your voice with Vocal Exercises: Having discovered your vocal range, the next step is to improve your voice quality and power by doing regular voice exercises. This will come as part of singing lessons too. Start by practicing ascending and descending scales, practice rhythm, staccato, tempo. While practicing make sure not to strain your vocal cords by trying to hit notes that are outside your range. With regular practice, your vocal range will definitely increase and you will be able to hit higher notes but until such time take care not to damage your voice.

Improve Listening skills: Listening is as important as practicing singing. You should learn to listen and listen well to understand how other professional singers sing. You must also increase your versatility by listening to all genres of songs and learning to sing multiple genres without just sticking to your comfort levels. You will also learn a lot about intonation, diction, expression and voice throw when you listen to singers like Micheal Jackson, Neil Diamond, Ronan Keating, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Bob Marley, Sonu Nigam and the list goes on. This is an important singing tip for men since you must understand that an audience will constitute of different kinds of people, all looking for variety. So it is your duty to deliver the goods.

Maintain A Healthy Voice: When people think of a healthy voice, they usually don’t believe that an overall healthy body is a must for singing. However, it is extremely important for every singer to have a healthy body. A healthy body will lead to a youthful voice. Lungs are critical for a great singing voice. The better a singer’s lung capacity, the better their singing can become. Singing is not only with your vocal cords and lungs, but it also involves entire body movement. Many professional singers are active on stage for hours. This takes full-body fitness. The good news is that you can work out your lungs and your body at the same time. Low impact exercises like walking, bike riding, and swimming are the best to ensure a good workout without risk of injury. In fact, doing exercises regularly will help to improve your lung capacity for singing as well. To keep your body trim on the inside, a singer must maintain a good diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to quit smoking if you are a heavy smoker.

Vocal Warm-up Before Singing: One of the best singing hints is to have warm-up exercises before you sing. Singing is not unlike a physical sport. Your muscles and vocal cords both need time to warm up to get to full speed. There are a lot of warm-up singing exercises that will get vocal cords ready to sing. Sing softly when first beginning a session, giving the voice a chance to warm and get up to full speed. The voice shouldn’t be strained before it is ready. There is nothing wrong with taking a note that is too high and singing it at a lower octave. Every singer needs exercises that stretch their singing ability. A well-rounded singer works in all different areas of music and scales. Warming up your voice before each singing session will allow it to begin to take on more of a load, increasing your ability to stretch into different areas and styles.

Vocal Lessons: Every serious singer needs a teacher. Singers who are just starting out need a good teacher to help them find their voice. Through singing exercises, a good teacher can help you find a singer’s vocal range. With specific activities tailored to a particular singer, a teacher can help with breathing, strengthening the voice, and stretching vocal limits. A teacher will give great singing hints and help rid people of bad habits. They will also push you to train harder with regular practice and singing exercises that push ability to a higher level. Singers must make sure that they find a qualified teacher. Make sure to get referrals from respected people and organizations. Every singer, from those just starting out to those making millions of dollars a year with music, can benefit from regular singing lessons.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for aspiring Male singers:

1. Nothing can replace practice, patience, and perseverance. A little talent and lots of hard work go a long way into making a singing star out of you.

2. Do not smoke whatever some people may say about getting better bass in your voice. Smoking is a sure-fire way of damaging your vocal cords besides giving your voice an unhealthy raspy note that grates on people’s ears.

3. While sitting and singing for certain types of songs is OK, preferably stand and practice singing especially the high notes since this will help in better and increased airflow into the lungs and you will be able to breathe from the diaphragm.

4. Avoid oily snacks, fried food, and chocolaty items since they are not good for your voice. Avoid drinking cold water and ice cream and anything too hot either before a performance. Anything cold dries up the throat causing voice breaks. Stick to drinking plenty of warm fluids. (More info on foods that can affect your singing voice…)

5. Finally, an essential singing tip for men is to develop breath control by doing breathing exercises regularly since breathing is the most important contributor to singing well.


Well, I could go on and on because there are many facets to singing. Singing is a wonderful art, and there is nothing greater than sharing music and happiness with the rest of the world.

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