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(Last Updated On: March 22, 2020)

Brett Manning’s Singing Success 360 program is one of the most popular singing courses readily acclaimed by most musicians in music fraternity and internationally appreciated. This program has been successful in creating singing stars out of artists  by training them at all levels and improving their talent.


Brett Manning, the creator of the Singing Success program is a professional singer and coach who has trained singers like Grammy nominee Hayley Williams, Grammy award winner Keith Urban,  Taylor Swift and a host of singing stars. Just a look at the Brett Manning Singing Success reviews will prove to you its success story with the number of testimonials and opinions that have been posted on the net.

What is Singing Success 360 Program?

Many people know that Singing Success 360 is a great resource for singers belonging to all skill levels. This program is for singers who are having difficulty in singing high notes, having vocal power and endurance, singing in tune, improving the vocal tone, and developing vibrato.

It is a program that will to help you in improving your singing ability, and developing your unique voice. It allows you to sing with great ease and consistency.

Singing Success 360 is Brett Manning’s latest and most extensive training in vocal to date. You’ll find that the methods here are based on Brett’s latest teaching methodologies. They are the products of over 25 years of research and teaching designed to have faster results through systematic approach. Ten of the most typical musical genres are included in the style section of Singing Success 360. They include improvisational sing-a-long tracks that can help you in developing your unique style in whatever genre you want.

Brett Manning Singing Success program can be purchased physically or can also be downloaded. The materials available in the course are one training booklet, one supplemental video DVD and twelve disc audio lesson series.

According to Brett Manning, Singing Success 360 Will benefits Singers:

  • a guarantee that you will increase your vocal range by at least one octave
  • increase your voice power
  • remove voice breaks by training you with proper singing techniques
  • trains you to hit high notes effortlessly
  • develop your own unique style of singing
  • Brett Manning assures money back if you are dissatisfied with your increase in vocal range. In fact Brett Manning confidently says that many of the users of the Singing Success program wind up having better vocal range than him.

Singing Success VS Singing Success 360

How Singing Success 360 Program differs from Legacy Original SingingSuccess Program?

Fifteen years ago, Brett Manning initiated the compilation of the world’s most popular singing exercises into one package. It consists of a simple program called Singing Success that you can learn in the comfort of your home. Singing Success method has achieved great sales in 112 countries. It has become an icon in the music industry used by many famous artists, celebrities and lots of singers worldwide.

Since the time of its release, Brett has been focusing on perfecting & innovating the original program. The exercises, online resources, techniques, scales and mobile apps are all certified by 50 international vocal coaches under this methodology.

Today, he has successfully integrated all the key components into one package of complete program.

According to Brett Manning, the cutting edge vocal program contains his newest and best exercises, specially designed to make the learning process faster. In over 25 years of knowledge and research, Brett is dedicated to help singers perfect their craft. The right plan demonstrates that every singer can attain success in singing.

What You Get With The Singing Success 360 Course?


Singing Success 360 has more than 100 singing exercises that you’ll find in 8 Techniques and 8 Style Lessons which are divided into 2 parts of core singing lesson. They include the introduction lessons aimed at informing your mind, acclimatizing your ear, and coordinating your voice. You can’t find another vocal training program that works like Singing Success in effectiveness, making access easy, and having good quality and comprehensive singing lessons for different levels of singers.

Part 1: Singing Technique Lessons

Lesson 1: Discovering Your Voice
•    Develop a consistent flow of sound in your chest voice.
•    Try to make an easy head voice.
•    Connect your chest and head registers.
•    Amplify your vocal range.
•    Alleviate your vocal tension.

Lessons 2: Discovering High Notes
•    Expand your voice range.
•    Delete vocal breaks and make smooth transitions.
•    Relax your voice & avoid tension.
•    Introduce new exercises in building and challenging your ear and vocal coordination.
•    Lower your vocal larynx and enhance your tonal quality.

Lesson 3: Discovering Vocal Power
•    Create a solid foundation for your voice.
•    Make a strong connection between your vocal fry and your chest voice.
•    Develop low registers and strengthen them.
•    Train yourself to warm down your voice.

Lesson 4: Discovering The Light Voice
•    Try to have a light chest voice rather than shifting into falsetto.
•    Shift your head voice into the light mix. This will create a gentle precision in your voice.
•    Practice transferring from one coordination level to the next. Do it by moving from light mix to head. Then, use your head voice and return to light mix without having perceivable breaks or sudden shifts in resonance.

Lesson 5: Discovering Vocal Freedom
•    Sing Vibrato while you sustain notes in your head. Include your chest and mix in a connected style.
•    Relax your muscles that hinder your voice from singing freely.
•    Relax your voice in singing with great ease of speech.

Lesson 6: Discovering Melody
•    Connect the technique and melody through the use of scales.
•    Add drum loops to obtain “rhythmic release” into your warm-up.
•    Perform short, popular, and melodic phrase exercises.

Lesson 7: Discovering Mastery
•    Sustain open vowels and avoid falling out of the mix in your chest voice.
•    You’ll find some of the most difficult scales in the program that will induce you to have deeper flexibility, deeper freedom, greater release, and a path toward mastery.
•    You’ll learn the two vowels, and know that everything stems from those two vowels. Once you understand the function of these two vowel principals, everything will become easy for you.


Part 2: Singing Style Lessons

Lesson 1: Learning the BASIC Licks, Trills, & Runs
•    Create a “marcado” in your trills to enhance your melody.
•    Learn the technique of Establishing the Melody, then, you can add the Trills.

Lesson 2: Knowing ADVANCED Licks, Trills, & Runs
•    Learn the method of improvising on top of anything.
•    Improve your knowledge of slides and runs.
•    Discover the way of singing minor pentatonic scales in major chord progression. This is the key to attaining deep soulfulness.

Lesson 3: Discovering Your Sound
•    Learn how diversity can create your unique tone.
•    Explore several styles and their corresponding stylistic differences.
•    Learn the typical relationship between several styles.

Lesson 4: Discovering Stylistic Subtleties
•    Practice the vocal fry and its application.
•    Learn how to apply licks and glottal strokes.
•    Master a sensible timing.
•    You’ll be introduced to phrasing, licks, articulation tour and possibilities, and commercial singing secrets that you may not be aware of.

Lesson 5: Discovering Musical Genres
•    At this part of the lesson, you’ll practice singing a song that is included in each of the 10 genres. It shows two different singers in each genre singing different styles in the genres. Explore each genre, and learn the approach of each singer toward the song. Figure out the do’s and don’ts of each genre that you can possibly break provided that you know the rules in breaking them. In the end, you’ll be encouraged to sing the song that you like. Remember that most styles in the program are hybrids of several genres, so, you should not be trapped into one sound.

Lesson 6: Discovering Improvisation
•    Start learning several exercises of scales, and sing in chord progressions. This is important in connecting your intellectual and creative side.

•    Listen carefully as the singers use different vowels, hum, sing words and simple phrases aimed at creating completely different styles of improvisation. This will allow you to explore multiple possibilities without singing one style only. Here, you’ll only sing trills, slides, tones, or only certain vowel sounds.

Lesson 7: Discovering The X Factor
•    When you explore the X Factor in a master class, it is in a totally different format because the venue is in a recording studio. In this case, some singers are encouraged to render a couple of songs. Then, they would make suggestions while singing the song. They would break up each line, and Brett Manning would give them some commercial secrets that have been used by many Grammy winners that he has worked with. As the singers perform these exercises they are encouraged to answer the question, “what can each of them do differently?”

Who is Singing Success 360 For?

For Beginners: Brett Manning reveals that as someone who has achieved classical training and sung for many years, he says that this is indeed a great program for beginners. It can help singers increase their range, improve their tone, and sing with great ease, style and comfort. However, you can’t master this program overnight, or consider it as a complete replacement for your actual vocal coach.

For Experience Singers: If you possess a bit of singing ability and an acceptable pitch, it could take you to the next level of vocal control. You can forget your bad technique and replace it with something much better. It took me two months not to sing a single note while I was following his program. When I started singing again, I was amazed with my ability to sing high easily.

Another basic advantage of this program is that it is not music style specific. It is a complete and comprehensive program well structured and streamlined to train your voice to sing any style of music you want; be it jazz, pop, country, gospel, R&B, classical or blues.

High notes, smooth singing, and better throw are the hallmarks of this training course. It trains you to sing vibrato, sing trills, master your mix voice, teach you voice exercises for strengthening your vocal cords and above all teaches you to sing without breaking or the voice cracking.

Brett Manning has successfully streamlined a training course that is practical and the application is simple and straight forward. The audio CDs take you through the basics of developing your voice,  strengthening your voice to get more power and throw.  Vocal exercises to increase your range by at least an octave and developing skills to master the notes perfectly and above all to maintain and retain your voice quality without damaging it in any way.

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