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(Last Updated On: May 26, 2021)
Install speakers outdoor.

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Gone were those days when speakers could only be used indoors for home theater with lot of messy speaker wire. There are speakers nowadays that are weatherproof. Technological advancement has gone a long way to evolve weatherproof speakers. You can now buy speakers that can withstand the effects of the changing weather and can be used outdoors. Yamaha, for example, has been rolling out environmental speakers that are designed for outdoor use. Bose Free Space 51 Environmental Speakers are designed for outdoor use likewise. Hence, if you are going to buy a speaker and you intend to use it outdoor, it would be good to choose outdoor speakers.

Speakers, however, are not designed to work on their own. They need stereo receivers to function completely. Hence, you must complement your outdoor speakers with an outdoor stereo receiver. However, the technology behind stereo receivers has not yet evolved to a point wherein there are already outdoor stereo receivers available on the market. Hence, if you are going to use outdoor speakers, it is strongly recommended that you also use stereo receivers that have Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity so that you can readily connect your outdoor speakers to indoor stereo receivers.

To complete the wireless connection between the stereo receiver and outdoor speakers, you need two types of signals. First, your speakers must be able to access movie soundtrack or music in the forms of audio signal or electrical impulses. On the other hand, your speakers must be connected physically to the amplifier for the speaker to convert electrical impulses into actual sound. 

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to Consider When Choosing An Outdoor Speaker Receiver

When choosing an outdoor speaker receiver, it will help to know the most recommended speaker receivers in the market today and the essential factors to consider when buying one. Below are the following important factors:

Choose Between an AV Receiver and Stereo Receiver

When selecting a speaker receiver, you will get confronted with two options: stereo receiver and AV receiver. The Stereo receiver comes with a more straightforward design than the AV receiver. You only need to attach two speakers to it at once, although advanced models come with a multi-room capability and some feature high dimension radio (with AM/FM) or satellite.

The AV receiver, on the other hand, differs a bit from the stereo receiver. Many commonly refer to it as a home theater system. Moreover, it is capable of wireless connectivity via WiFi connection or Bluetooth connection. 

When it comes to outdoor parties, many prefer the stereo receiver because of its ease of setup (wall-mounted) and better coverage of the party area.

Receiver Size

When it comes to the speaker receiver’s size, you can opt for a good pair of patio speakers (60 watts) to better cover an area less than 300 sq. ft. For areas ranging from 300 to 500 sq.ft., you can use a speaker receiver of 80 to 100 watts speakers. However, for areas more ranging from 600 to 800 sq.ft., you can use something with 150 to 175 watts of power.

Number of Speakers

You can opt for a 2.0 setup using a pair of speakers on each side of the deck. With this setup, a standard two-channel amplifier or receiver would be enough. If you want to expand your setup with more speakers, you will need additional channels. The majority of receivers come with 2, 5, or 7 speaker channels along with one or two subwoofer channels.

If you want an additional subwoofer for the outdoors, it will be useful to remember that outdoor subwoofers are generally passive. On the other hand, home theater subwoofers are more often powered or active. Thus, your choice of subwoofers for outdoors should be compatible with your speaker receiver. In such a case, you would need an extra amplifier in-between your receiver and subwoofer connection.


When choosing a speaker receiver, you need to figure out what functions your receiver would like to perform. In most cases, you will need your receiver to control your outdoor music, so you need a wireless compatibility feature. This means it should have WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to control it from any source directly. 


Another important factor when selecting a speaker receiver is its power. The speakers’ performance usually depends on the amount of power the receiver relays to it. If the receiver channels too high or low power than what a speaker can handle, the speaker may get damaged.

For this reason, you should check the appropriate coverage areas of the speakers to ensure that you would be using the right speakers for optimal coverage.

Recommended Outdoor Speaker Receivers

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1) Amphony Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Amplifier

The Amphony Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Amplifier can readily turn any speaker into a wireless Bluetooth speaker. You can easily connect any passive speaker and readily stream songs and music from any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices. It is a powerful amplifier too, that incorporates a 2×40 Watt power amplifier that is designed for linear frequency response and ultra-low distortion. It is very compact with dimensions of 90mm x 85mm x 18 mm. It also features wireless range extension that could easily extend the wireless range by swapping the outside or external antenna.

This Bluetooth wireless amplifier can deliver quality sounds to pairs of speakers. It is a topnotch powerful amplifier that delivers quality sounds. It also has a state-of-the-art amplifier design that offers lower audio distortion at around 0.04%. Its maximum wireless range is the 100-ft line of sight. The package comes with 1 Bluetooth receiver/amplifier, 1 AC adapter, and one antenna. 

2) Miccus 300ft Long-range Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver

Miccus 300-ft Long-range Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver is a class 1 Bluetooth-optimized device that has an antenna with a range of up to 300-ft line of sight and up to 160-ft indoors which is beyond the 33-ft Bluetooth limitation. With this device, you can stream throughout your home with its signal boosting antenna. It is perfect for TV and Multiple multi-links without a drop in the fidelity and production of audio signals. It features a powerful Bluetooth that allows audio to automatically pass through the RTX 2.0 HUB towards your sound bar or speakers. With this device, you can simultaneously stream audio to your speakers, headphones, and other devices.

The good thing about this device is its ease of use. It is a plug and play device and automatically connects or reconnects on the next use. It is also receptive to upgrade and is compatible with other Bluetooth devices. The Miccus 300ft Long-range Bluetooth might be suitable for you if you want to build your own outdoor stereo system. 

3) Avantree Oasis Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver

The Avantree Oasis Long-range Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver features a class 1 Bluetooth technology with its optimized antenna design. It can achieve range up to 164 feet in an open-air line-of-sight condition. Indoors, it has a range from 50 to 70 feet. It can transmit to any Bluetooth-enabled TV, radio, AV receiver, and other home audio devices. You can also use it as a Bluetooth receiver for your sound system at home, allowing you to stream music from any of your devices. 

The Avantree Oasis makes use of the aptX low-latency codec that readily eliminates audiovisual lag, and thus makes the Oasis a great option for playing video and watching movies. It is compatible with 99% of all the TVs available on the market today and can support Optical/Aux/RCA audio output. It works well with various brands like Beats, Bose, Sony, Plantronics, and speaker brands like Yamaha, Denon AV receiver, Plantronics, and Echo.

4) Besign BE-RX Long Range Home HD Bluetooth Music Receiver

The Besign BE-RX Bluetooth Music Receiver comes with a long-range Bluetooth capability of 30 meters. It offers several channels of connecting with your home stereo system or stand-alone speakers to achieve optimal high-definition sound quality. It is capable of producing crystal-clear sonic detail from your Bluetooth devices and can transmit this sonic detail to any speaker system. It does pair instantaneously with PC, smartphones, Laptops, Kindle, iPod, and any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

The Besign BE-RX offers a reliable connection with your speakers without sacrificing the quality of sound. It comes with Aux, Optical, and Coaxial Audio connection to achieve high-definition sound quality. It is powered by Micro-USB and features an automatic re-pairing capability. You can use it with a wall adapter for continuous streaming of music.


What Is Stereo Receiver & How To Connect With the Outdoor Speakers?

Every sound system has its essential components. One of these components is the stereo receiver that is responsible for receiving and processing sounds that should be transmitted to the stereos. Without the stereo receiver, the sound will never be processed for use. With the stereo receiver, however, you can readily enhance and manipulate the quality of the audio sounds that you would be transmitted to the stereo.

Can I Use The Indoor Stereo Receiver On Outdoor Environment?

Would it be possible to use indoor stereo receivers as outdoor interior receivers? This question will be your next logical question if you are following our line of discussion. Yes, you can use indoor stereo receivers as outdoor stereo receivers provided they have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Connectivity. With Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use indoor stereo receivers as if they are outdoor stereo receivers, provided the outdoor speakers are within the range of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, data can now be received from various media devices like Android devices and iPods. You only need to set up the sound system with an indoor stereo receiver.

Before you can set up your sound system, you need to select and purchase a reliable and high-quality stereo receiver. In this article, we have sifted through the different available brands on the market today and have tested, retested, and compared them to come up with our review and recommendations. You can check out our list of recommended stereo receivers if you intend to build your outdoor sound system with an indoor stereo receiver.

Does an Outdoor Speaker Receiver Need to be Weatherproof Likewise?

You may worry whether you would need an outdoor speaker receiver that is waterproof. Such an apprehension, however, is not well-founded and necessary. Moreover, it doesn’t make any sense to look for such a waterproof outdoor speaker receiver for such a product doesn’t exist. 

Two reasons make this apprehension unnecessary. First, speaker receivers are mostly wireless or capable of wireless connectivity. Hence, you can control it even if you are indoors. 

Second, a receiver usually has the capability of powering indoor home theater aside from outdoor speakers. The essential thing is to ensure that the wiring originating from the receiver going to the outdoor speakers are well set. 

Thus, it will be helpful to use the correct wires that are suited for outdoor runs. That being said, you can now consider the essential factors to consider when selecting an outdoor speaker receiver.

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