Develop Better Vocal Cord Closure

Singer practising vocal cord closure exercise.

Vocal cord closure is one of the most important foundations of singing good vocals and notes. When you speak or sing, the vocal cords come together to meet at the center of the throat. If you want to become a great singer with a powerful … Read more

How to Sing Bass

Bass singer.

The technical aspects of how to sing bass are the most neglected topic by many singers. Learning the bass voice singing techniques will help you to expand the lower part of the vocal range further. Thus make your singing voice fuller, deeper while singing in … Read more

How To Sing Louder And Clearer

Man singing very loud.

You don’t need to scream to your lungs out to sing louder and clear. Is it possible to sing louder while maintaining its clearness so that the audience can hear the words you sing? The answer is YES. And there are three areas of exercises … Read more

How To Sing The Blues Songs

Guitarist playing Blues music.

The popularity of Blues music became widespread in the early 19th century when many people sing this tune in their daily life. Elvis was one of the most popular artists at that time who sang the blues very well. He learned how to sing this … Read more

How To Strengthen Your Low Notes

A female singer is singing lower notes.

Many singers are too conscious of their high notes that they work feverishly to reach those high notes. But they often fail to work on their low notes. Hence, sometimes, you will notice that they failed miserably with their low notes. Yet, if you want … Read more

How to Do Vocal Improvisation in Singing

A group of female singers creating their own unique singing style.

Doing some minor vocal improvisations while singing a famous song will allow you to differentiate yourself from the original song singer. And will make your singing style more unique and colorful. You can go beyond that if you want to sing your own version of … Read more

How to Practice Harmonic / Overtone Singing

Overtone singer.

Harmonic or overtone singing is that the singer in this kind of singing can manipulate the quality of the vocal sound that is created as air comes out from the lungs, passing through the vocal folds, and finally to the mouth producing a type of … Read more

How to Sing Head Voice

A singer is singing in high notes with her head voice in the the studio.

Singing the high notes of a song needs to be done with the head voice because these notes need to resonate and only mastery of head voice will help you achieve this. The notes resting at the high end of the scale are also called … Read more

How to Sing A Cappella Professionally

Acapella singing refers to a group of singers singing without instruments. One thing that is interesting with Acappella is that it is a form of music that does not involve using any kind of instruments. The voice of the singers produces all the accompaniments or … Read more

How to Properly Scream Sing

Singer singing metal music.

A musical performance screaming doesn’t mean to scream your lungs out, it actually refers to how to properly scream sing! Though it can sound like a singer, screaming loud and hard. The musical screaming makes you learn how to use your false vocal cords in … Read more

How to Sing Opera

Classical opera hall.

You have to know a little bit about the history of the “Opera” before you ever started to learn how to sing opera songs. The end of the 16th Century saw the opening of a new and unique singing style called Opera in Italy with … Read more

How to Sing Gospel Soulfully

Gospel singer is singing in a very emotional state.

Many people today are interested in how to sing gospel because they know that it’s the song of hope, compared to the “Blues” that are regarded as songs of despair.  Gospel music is a kind of music that is created to serve as an expression … Read more

How to Use Scat Singing Technique in Jazz

Female singer is singing jazz song.

This article aims to provide you with some knowledge of scat singing in jazz for those who may not be familiar yet with it. In learning how to sing jazz, particularly “scat singing“, instead of pronouncing the correct words in the song, the jazz singer … Read more

How to Sing Rap Song Easily

Rapper is recording song in studio.

Do you know that the technique on how to sing rap song originated in Africa, and even came before the rise of hip-hop music? The term rapping refers “to hit,” and is known as the art of delivering poetry, rhymes, or just some sort of … Read more

How to Sing Backup Professionally

Learning how to sing backup is not easy. In fact, it can be harder than singing as a solo artist. As a backup singer, you have to pay attention to it. You need to follow the lead of someone else. You have to blend your … Read more

How to Sing Alto

A singer is singing in alto range.

Alto is the 2nd highest vocal range and also the lowest female voice in classical or opera singing. Its range is below soprano and above the tenor and bass. Thus, the soprano and the Alto singer is the perfect match for female duet performance. Most … Read more

Learn How to Sing Vibrato

Learning how to sing vibrato correctly is quite a harsh lesson for most singers. However, it is one of the powerful skills a successful singer must have to make the songs they sang more impressive, emotional and attractive. Many people believe that singing in vibrato is … Read more

How to Sing Rock Music

Singing in the rock band.

Like other genres, when learning how to sing rock music, there are some important tricks and techniques to be employed. When learning rock music you will realize that the fundamentals are similar to those of learning how to sing classic, opera, and other styles. When … Read more

How to Sing Metal Professionally

Young singer is singing metal song.

Heavy metal music was initially established in Britain and American Regions as a sub-genre of rock music around 1970s period. It derived from the blues rock and the psychedelic rock which focus on very thick and heavy sounds with mixtures of deep guitar solos, emphatic … Read more

How to Sing Country Songs

Country music is one of the popular music genres in the United States since the 1920s. Nowadays, Country music is progressively becoming famous like the pop music. It’s more emphasizes on the down-to-the-earth emotions and feelings of the singers while presenting the song in story-telling … Read more

How to Become Band Vocalist / Lead Singer

Rock band performing live onstage.

Pursuing a career in singing is a great ambition for many persons interested in music, have a sense of singing and those who are blessed with a good voice. In this article let us explore the many ways to become a band vocalist as a … Read more

Singing Diction: Advanced Singing Techniques

Words diction for singer.

Singing diction is considered as among the important factors for good vocals. Just like voice control, pitch, proper breathing and rhythm it is also essential. Furthermore, if a song is understandable and clear, then the person listening will be able to sympathize with the song’s … Read more

How to Sing From Diaphragm a.k.a Stomach

Many singers would like to learn how to sing from the diaphragm. The diaphragm is basically the muscle below the human lungs and slightly above the stomach responsible for controlling inhalation and exhalation of breath. Most people have heard singers being advised to breathe using … Read more

How to Sing Falsetto with Full Vocal Capability

Female singer is hitting the high note with falsetto voice.

A majority of trained singers commonly sing falsetto, falsetto vocal, but in the voice dynamics field, it comprises certain limitations in comparison to a modal voice. Trained singers usually have a single voice range octave where they are capable of singing both modal and falsetto. … Read more

How to Develop a Distinct Singing Voice

A singing voice that is healthy can be able to make the heart dance. You can now discover a singer within you. A common thought that normally strikes one’s mind several times, is how one can have a unique singing voice. There has been an … Read more

Create Your Own Singing Style

singer singing on stage in the colorful outfit.

Are you an aspiring singer? Or have you already started giving performances? No matter; in whichever category you fall, you need to have a singing voice that is unique and very easy to recognize. You need a singing voice that uniquely belongs to you if … Read more

How To Add Distinctive Flavor to Your Singing Voice

singer singing with powerful voice.

Have you thought about the need to add a distinctive flavor to your songs?  Every song should have that special something to make it stand out from the rest.  There are a few songs out there that sound great with just one instrument accompanying the … Read more