Katy Perry: Sexy Contralto Vocal Range

Katy Perry singing on stage.

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson the second child among three children was born to Christian pastor parents in Santa Barbara, California on 25 October 1984. She is more popularly known by her career name Katy Perry and grew up listening to gospel music and was part of the local church choir during her childhood. Katy started taking … Read more

Beyonce: American Female Pop Singer


Type of Voice: Mezzo-sopranoRange of Voice: 3.1 octaves, approximately B2- C6Whistle Register: NoneLongest Note that can be Hit: 14 seconds including live ‘Flaws’Additional Vocal Assets: Has amazing vocal dexterity and flexibility that enables her to pin-point fast and accurate melisma without difficulty. Her chest voice shows clarity, smoothness, and elasticity. This singer is able to … Read more

About Madonna Vocal Ability

Madonna singing live in concert.

The Controversy in Madonna’s Vocal Ability… The American singer and recording artist better known in the world as Madonna was born in August 1958 at Bay City, Michigan.  Aside from being a popular singer and recording artist, she’s also known to be an actress and a successful businesswoman.  Her father is of Italian-American descent while … Read more

Success of Pop Rock Singer: Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson singing love song.

The popular American pop rock singer Kelly Clarkson who hails from Fort Worth, Texas as her birthplace, was born in April 1982.  Her full name is Kelly Brianne Clarkson, and she’s also known to be an actress and songwriter.  Kelly was raised in a small community named Burleson, situated in a suburban area of Fort Worth.

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Success of Lady Gaga Singing Style

Lady gaga singing live.

Lady Gaga’s full name is Stefani Joanne Germanotta who was born in March 1986 at NY City.  She’s currently a very popular American pop singer and songwriter, being the eldest child in the family.  She was raised as a Roman Catholic by her parents, Joseph Germanotta, who is an internet businessman and Cynthia Bissett Germanotta. … Read more