Best Loop Stations for Beatboxing, Vocals & Singing

The vocal looper is an equipment that allows you to loop back your vocals creating impressive vocal effects. This equipment may come in the form of vocal loop pedals. The vocal loop pedals allow you to have your vocals input repeated in real-time. This type of … Read more

11 Best Vocal Loopers For Singers 2022

Different types of loopers.

If you are looking for gadgets that could enhance your vocal performance, you are surely on the right page as we are going to discuss here the best vocal loopers in the market today. But before we delve into the list of the most recommended … Read more

Best Laptop Stands for Musicians, Singers & DJs 2022

Gone were the days when stands were only used to prop up onstage the musical notations of musicians during concerts or gigs. Nowadays, however, stands are also frequently used for propping up laptops during gigs by musicians, singers, DJs and music producers. Moreover, laptop computers … Read more

Best Outdoor Speaker Receivers

Install speakers outdoor.

Gone were those days when speakers could only be used indoors for home theater with lot of messy speaker wire. There are speakers nowadays that are weatherproof. Technological advancement has gone a long way to evolve weatherproof speakers. You can now buy speakers that can … Read more

Shure SE846 Review

product photo of SE846 In-ear monitor.

Shure Incorporated is about to reach its centennial founding anniversary in 2025, and since 1925, after Sidney N. Shure founded the company, Shure has been known to produce top-of-the-line products that often gain favorable reviews from the consumers of its products. One of their products … Read more

Best Portable PA Systems for Live Music 2022

Different sizes of portable PA systems.

Public Address System or PA system is a very important system in the amplification of sound. It usually consists of an electronic sound amplification device with a system that distributes sound. This sound distribution system typically comprises of loudspeakers, microphones, and amplifier. The PA system … Read more

Best Shure Wireless Microphones Systems 2022

Shure mic poster.

Shure is very well-known for its high-tech wireless microphone systems in the music industry. Whenever you attend any musical events, concerts, seminars and presentation events, I’m sure you can easily spot the Shure wireless mic systems on the stage. Most of the high-end wireless systems … Read more