How to Record a Singing Video for Youtube

Singer recording singing performance for Youtube.

The road to fame has been slowly being leveled by YouTube, and anyone who got talent and has something noteworthy to present will have a ready platform on YouTube. YouTube users, of course, spend a billion hours on YouTube videos every day. Moreover, YouTubers upload video content amounting to hundreds of hours to YouTube servers … Read more

Best Wireless Lavalier Microphones for DSLR Camera 2021

Recording video with a camera that connected with the Lav mics.

Clip-on lavalier microphones are essential accessories of any DSLR video kit, for it makes the filming of documentary and videomaking, especially, of narrative, tutorial, and training works easy. However, not all wireless lavalier lapel microphones are compatible with DSLRs. Some would require expensive DSLR audio adapters to make those lavaliers work well with DSLR cameras. … Read more