How to Record a Singing Video for Youtube

Singer recording singing performance for Youtube.

The road to fame has been slowly being leveled by YouTube, and anyone who got talent and has something noteworthy to present will have a ready platform on YouTube. YouTube users, of course, spend a billion hours on YouTube videos every day. Moreover, YouTubers upload video content amounting to hundreds of hours to YouTube servers … Read more

How To Sing Vowels Correctly

Singer practice vowel technique.

You might think that the correct production of vowel sounds while singing is unnecessary because you might have heard one or two famous singers who intentionally mispronounced certain vowel sounds and sang as if they were stuttering. And so, you surmise that if they could get by with mispronounced vowel sounds without losing their popularity, … Read more

How to Hold a Microphone When Singing or Rapping

Singer holding mic firmly when singing on stage.

Professional singers and rappers do not just hold a mic according to their whims and fancies. They hold the mic in such a way that it will sound best. The Microphone, of course, is an excellent instrument for amplifying your voice while performing. But the way you hold it may either work in your favor … Read more

How To Sing Punk

Punk singer singing.

Perhaps you might have heard The Ramones, Black Flag, Iggy and the Stooges, or the Sex Pistols, and maybe you want to emulate their aggressive musical approach, intense, superfast, and packed with socio-political themes. Of course, these bands typify the punk or punk rock genre, and if you want to sing punk, you might as well learn from these … Read more

Best Vocal Processors for Recording

Singer recording song with vocal processor in the studio.

Even if you have already done acoustic treatment in your recording room and have carefully selected the microphones for your vocal recordings, you would still find your raw vocal recordings not fit for public consumption and mass production. Why? Because you still need to engage in the vocal processing to come up with an impressive … Read more

Types of Live Autotune Hardware & Equipment

Different types of autotune equipment and gear for real-time pitch correction.

Because there’s no such thing as perfect pitch, and everything is just an approximation when singing notes, Andy Hilderbrand, a Ph.D. engineer, invented the Auto-Tune effect in 1997. He utilized the autocorrelation method for detecting pitch, and this method was far superior to other early attempts for detecting pitch. Soon after, many artists and producers … Read more

How to Connect XLR Mic to Computer

Using xlr mic on pc.

XLR microphones are not your regular computer mics. They are generally better models as they offer better clarity and higher-quality sounds than computer or headset mics. Indeed, due to its ability to isolate noise and produce balanced audio, it is no surprise that many radio studios and live events opt to use an XLR mic … Read more

Best Settings for AT2020 USB & XLR Microphones

Tips on AT2020 mic setting for better sound quality.

If you’re looking for an affordable microphone of high quality, you better check out the Audio Technica AT2020. The AT2020 is a quality cardioid condenser mic that has quickly become the go-to mic worldwide for home studios. This mic comes either in XLR or USB connection models; hence, it is pretty easy to set up with your PC.  With the USB … Read more

How To Set Up A Loop Pedal

Guitar player configure and setting the loop pedal on the floor.

My friend and I once watched a one-man show wherein the performer seemed to be having the best performance of his life. His instrumentals seemed to be a full ensemble, and my friend wondered how he did it. Well, I said, “He is playing along with his pre-recorded tracks and a looper pedal.” “Ah, I … Read more

Optimal Blue Snowball Mic Settings

How to setup the Blue snowball mic for better recording quality.

If you find it hard to connect your mic to your computer, you might as well consider using a USB microphone. Of course, USB microphone technology had gone a long way since the first USB mic rolled out in the market. Now, USB mics like the Blue Snowball microphones are already competing well with other … Read more

Singers Who Sounded Like Elvis Presley

List of singers with Elvis's singing voice.

Who would not like to sound like Elvis? I bet, aside from wishing to look like him, every guy out there wants to have that Elvis-like baritone voice that makes girls swoon. Dozens of Elvis Look-and-Sing-alike Contests are held throughout the world to honor Elvis, the King of Pop, and hundreds of impersonators usually join … Read more

How To Set Up Karaoke At Home

Friends singing karaoke at home.

Whenever there is a karaoke system, enjoyment and fun are not far behind. This is because we love to sing, and we even want other people to hear and appreciate our singing. Setting up your karaoke system at home is no longer that difficult. Moreover, you don’t need to be elaborate with your karaoke system … Read more

Autotune for Live Performance

A singer using autotune to sing in live performance.

When I was doing the vocals for our band’s first album, I remember that the sound engineer made use of Auto-Tuning software to correct some minor off-pitch notes I made. Of course, it saved him and me a lot of recording time, for instead of asking me to sing once again the parts with off-pitch … Read more

How To Introduce A Performance On Stage

A host introduce the next singer on stage.

Most people do not know this, but the manner of introduction a performer receives is vital to their performance quality. Indeed, their introduction essentially sets the tone for their performance. Sadly, many hosts manage to overlook how important an entertainer’s introduction is and just ‘wing’ it. But, the truth is there may be no better … Read more

How To Add Echo Effect To Microphone

Two singers singing on stage with the echo effects added.

Undoubtedly, echos can be a sure-fire way to infuse a unique edge to your music. However, before you can enjoy the artistic benefits echos offer, you need to know how to add them to your recorded tracks. On this note, we can help.  This article will explore how to add an echo effect to the … Read more

What To Wear On Stage When Singing

Female singer wearing attractive outfits on stage for live performance.

Many singers do not realize that choosing the right outfit is a critical part of preparing a live performance. Indeed, your fashion choices not only set the atmosphere for your performance but also helps your audience identify the right mood for your music. Let’s not forget that a singer’s outfit can also help support the … Read more

Best Autotune Microphone Systems

Female singing in recording studio using the vocal auto-tune processor.

You may be asking yourself why your voice is always out of tune when you sing, and you hate it because you are dreaming of becoming a band vocalist or a professional singer. Besides, you envy those who can sing on key, and given a chance, you would willingly exchange your vocal cords for someone … Read more

Best Studio Monitors for Hip Hop

Making the r&b and hip hop music.

As a longtime singer, I have recorded different music genres like pop, jazz, blues, classical, country, and electronic, hip hop, and many more, and I observed that specific music genres more often necessitate different types of monitoring and mixing. So, if you want to record, for example, hip-hop music, you need to use the monitors … Read more

9 Types of Dances Singer Must Learn

Singer dancing and singing on the stage while performing.

Did you know that Michael Jordan took ballet lessons during his recuperation period from injury? Well, I think ballet did Jordan well. Nevertheless, if dancing became beneficial to the best basketball player, you would also benefit from learning some dance types, especially if you are a singer. Of course, you are not required to learn … Read more