How Can I Teach Myself to Sing?

The girl vocal training and practise singing herself in a small room.Many people have at one time asked themselves the question how can I teach myself to sing? This is due to the inability of many people to have access to funds to pay for their singing lessons or they are unable to let other people watch them when they are practicing their singing.

If you are desperately seeking ways in which you can teach yourself to sing, then today is your lucky day. With the technology advancement in the world today, the answers are just at your fingertips if you really need to learn how to sing. The internet gives the medium through which you can learn. All that you have to do is search and locate the tips online and then start learning. It is as simple as that.

There are also some easy to follow tips that will teach you how to improve your singing. Through adhering to these tips you will be able to captivate your audience with your tone and powerful vocals in a matter of no time.

Most of the people think that singing is an innate talent and present only in a lucky few. This is a totally wrong conception. In fact if someone has some amount of inborn talent for singing it can only be considered a bonus. The rest of the singing part is hard work, commitment, passion and the will to take proper singing lesson exercises.

As regards talent, it is a very gray area actually not worth discussing especially when people misuse it or not use it. This is amply proved by television shows like American Idol where supposedly talented singers come up and do an awful job and are totally taken aback when the judges expel them from the show. You will also find a lot of timid and shy people who can sing fairly well but are doubtful about their own talent for singing. Both the categories of people need to know that they have to work hard to develop their talent and use it to its full potential.

Fundamental Skills You Must Learn in Singing

Breathing Control

The most crucial tip on teaching yourself to sing professionally is learning how to control your breathing. Holding back your breath is one of the most common mistakes that many people do while singing. You have to allow air to flow freely through the body. If you feel that you have insufficient supply of air, all you need to do is learn how to breathe differently. The secret is breathing from the diaphragm instead of the chest.

Doing a simple exercise through using diaphragmatic breathing is one method of learning how to sing better. All you have to do is to place one hand on the chest and the other on the diaphragm and then you take breaths steadily. The hand on the chest should not move while the hand on the diaphragm should move inwards and outwards slowly as the diaphragm moves.

Voice Projection

Some of the basic things a singer needs to know is how to project his voice to the audience as a pleasing and attractive sound. And this can happen only if you do vocal exercises, breathing exercise, learn breath control with deep breathing and breathing from the diaphragm, develop the strength of your vocal chords by doing voice exercises etc.

Good Singing Posture

Another aspect of good singing is good posture that will help in free flow of air through your body allowing you to sing freely and powerfully. Of course if you are taking private training, your coach will surely teach all these methods to train your voice. But, for your info, these tips and exercises are also available in the singing lesson exercises offered in computer compatible CD courses.

Learn How to Emote While Singing

The other step to take in your pursuit of learning how to sing is to understand how to emote. Emoting basically refers to the display of emotions and the capability of evoking emotions from the audience in addition to making them active by the performance. Emoting is part of the performance and if you do not know how to emote, there is something you are missing.

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Best Way to Teach Yourself To Sing (Especially For Beginners)

There are different ways of developing your voice, and improving your singing quality. Singing lesson exercises can be had with a one to one training with a private coach if finances are not a problem for you. Remember that these classes cost a bomb and once you start you may need to finish the course to see some effect. However, one to one teaching is definitely worth it because the teacher takes exclusive care to see that you develop your singing skills and tailors the coaching to your specific needs. On the other hand to identify a good vocal trainer is not all that easy and they are very much in demand.

Singing CD /  DVD Programs

Another option would be to select a singing course that has been converted to CD lessons by good vocal tutors. There are quite few options by famous professional singers who have developed self learning singing courses that includes, booklets, CD s and videos with which you can train yourself at your won pace. This is by far a more economical option when compared to a private tutor and it also gives you the freedom of time. So if you are committed and patient, go for it.


Practice has an ambiguous meaning attached to it. It does not always refer to the taking of formal practice lessons; it may also refer to a little experimenting, having fun with singing at any time. This means you can sing while cooking, while driving to work or at any other favorable time; however, you are cautioned against over doing it. If you overdo it, you may end up straining your voice which is something that you do not want.

The use of a mirror is also encouraged in learning how to sing. Standing before a mirror while practicing will assist you to make the necessary adjustments needed such as your poise, which improves your singing.