3 Singing Posture Exercises For Singers

The little girl has a very simple and nice singing posture.Generally, vocalists are very careful about the positioning of their feet, knees, abdomen, shoulders, or so. A correct positioning is really important for a professional singer. Now, if you are on the path of professional singing, then you must learn proper singing posture.  It is not about the position only, but has the capability of affecting that you do in singing.

All exercises, be it breathing, speaking, walking, or singing, they are dependent on the posture that you have adopted.  For instance, imagine yourself walking placing a book on your head, and you would know how balanced it is. It will make you more confident. A correct singing posture makes an excellent choice as it helps you breathe comfortably.

Posture always plays a critical role in everything, be it speaking, acting or singing. It is essential for singers to have a great singing posture. Now the immediate question that strikes the mind of the people is why this is so?  The answer to this is, it is not at all possible for lungs to inflate completely if you have a compressed rib cage.

Benefits of Good Posture While Singing

A singing posture that is proper has manifold benefits.  It helps in reducing muscle strain, muscle aches, back pain, and other related muscle problems.  It can be used to keep the joints and bones fit. It also reduces the stress of the spine.  It conserves energy and as a result you will not get exhausted faster.

It affects not only your singing, but also everything that you generally do. It will make you happier and healthier.  You become more confidence.  Even people try to approach you. It offers a great help in improving your job status as well.  You feel talking to everyone, be at personal or professional terms more easily.  It plays a vital role in your day to day life. Of course, a correct singing posture improves your stage performance. So, it really matters not what your life is all about, a right posture can always be beneficial in long run.

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Reasons that Are Attributed to Bad Singing Posture

  • Lack of self-confidence – You should always feel confident and think positively so that your body will be adaptable to your thoughts.
  • Being overweight – When you’re heavyweight, it can crack you as a professional singer.  Nobody wants to watch a singer having bellies.
  • Very bad postural habits – such as staying in front of a computer for so long.

Exercises to Correct Your Posture (Step-By-Step)

1)Postural Muscles Relaxing Exercise

  1. Put your chin parallel to the floor.
  2. See to it that you’re breathing through your stomach; not through your chest.  You should practice this exercise by breathing naturally and placing your hand at your stomach.  You should keep your stomach moving up and down in a slow manner.
  3. Now, put your hands beside your body without brandishing around using your legs, hands, or any part of your body.
  4. Open your knees and keep them relaxed and loose, but don’t squat.
  5. Don’t put your shoulders high.  Just put them down and maintain your chest in a high level.
  6. Put your feet apart so as to be able to balance the weight of your body slightly in a forward manner.
  7. Once you feel any pain or tension in any parts of your muscle, it probably means that you may be standing in an incorrect way.  Remember not to sing if you possess a big wound or you’re having some cracked muscles.
  8. You should keep your neck in a loose position, and have it relaxed.  Do the same thing with the muscles at your back.
  9. Your movements should be graceful just like when you’re dancing.  However if you hate dancing, then, you can opt to join a self-defense sport like a karate club.  Here, you are assured that they can be of great help in exercising fluent movement.

2) Belly / Abdominal Breathing Exercise

In addition to that, belly breathing makes a good option to improve singing posture. On the other hand it refers to an abdomen swelling, when the air is inhaled. A good singing posture is the ability to comfortably hold your body in a given space. It is also done in order to be able to stand, sit or lay down without facing any kind of muscle strain. There are many ways to do this.

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3)Book Balancing Exercise

Book balancing is one such way that makes an easy option to it. Many people use this book balancing to get a correct singing posture.

•    Take any book and place it on your head.
•    Try to keep the balance.
•    Stand still.
•    Now try to walk with it.
•    Stand in front of the mirror with it.
•    Observe the positioning of your body while balancing the book on the head.
•    Then, practice the same without the book.