How to Sing Opera

Pavarotti singing operaThe end of the 16th Century saw the opening of a new and unique singing style called Opera in Italy with Jacopo Peri’s lost Dafne. Soon after it became very popular and spread throughout Europe. Lully from France, Schultz from Germany as well as Purcell in England contributed in establishing their national cultural traditions in their respective nations. However, Italian opera kept conquering the music world with its narrative style and brilliance, except France. Opera Seria could be considered as the best and most famous form of Italian opera until Gluck brought a change with his reformist operas in the 1760′s. Today Mozart is known as the unbeaten king of opera. He started with opera seria but became famous for his Italian comic operas. Some of his famous operas are The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni and Cosi fan tutte and The Magic Flute which is in the German cultural tradition.

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How to Increase Your Lung Capacity for Singing

lung capacityNo methods can be done to increase your lung capacity or size of the lungs.  But this doesn’t mean that everything is closed pertaining to this.  There are of course some alternatives that you can do to help in improving the power of your lungs, and somewhat increase its capacity as follows:

Having an excellent lung capacity is great for singers, athletes, etc., and at the same time, a means of preventing diseases, so, that would be beneficial for your pulmonary functions.

Step 1: Cardiovascular Exercises

First, you have to consider performing cardiovascular exercises to strengthen and make your cardiovascular function properly and efficiently.  Some of the Read more…

How to Sing Gospel Soulfully

Gospel SingerMany people today are interested on how to sing gospel because they know that it’s the song of hope, compared to the “Blues” that are regarded as songs of despair.  Gospel music is a kind of music that is created to serve as expression of belief about the Christian life.  This music genre was first introduced to get an alternative to the prevailing secular music at that time.

It is generally known that learning how to sing gospel is a difficult genre to master.  However, if you can set some of your time, and be patient in learning it, then, you’ll be able to perform just like those famous gospel singers in the Read more…

How to Sing in Mixed Voice

singing higher voiceIf you search the internet, you’ll find a lot of terms related to singing, informing people about the way to sing correctly and how to sing in mixed voice.  Since there may be some people who are not aware about the definition of the term mixed voice, you’ll find it in reading this article.  Mixed voice refers to the combination of chest voice and head voice, which is considered as a strong and subtle aspect of singing.

In this process, proper techniques are utilized that includes correct usage of the vocal chord, breath control and proper posture.  If you want to learn singing in mixed voice, you should know first what chest and head voices mean.  Read more…

How to Use Scat Singing Technique in Jazz

Singer is Singing Jazz Song.This article aims to provide you with some knowledge in scat singing in jazz for those who may not be familiar yet with it. In learning how to sing jazz, particularly “scat singing“, instead of pronouncing the correct words in the song, the jazz singer sings strange phrases such as “da la be she-bo do-wa” or “do-be-do-bap-di-she-wah.”  Chances are, you may not be aware about these words, and you may be wondering about their meanings.

It may be true that based on records, scats singing in jazz music originated in West Africa just as many people believe.  The patterns of percussion may have changed into vocal lines by way of utilizing syllables applied to standard rhythms.  However, some people also believe that scat singing is the forerunner of jazz music singers based in the US with sounds imitated in jazz instruments.  This was entered in the early recordings of blues in New Orleans.

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